10 experiences you can live in New York


New York, a distant destination but one that we all know by heart, from its streets to its most emblematic monuments. Not for nothing is it a place where series and movies are often shot, the Big Apple, one of the most important cities in the United States. If you have been lucky enough to schedule a trip to New York, write down these 10 experiences that you must live in this incredible city.

You may think that only 10 experiences are not enough for a city as big as New York, and you will be right, it takes many days to fully experience it. However, we tell you the 10 things that seem most significant to us when it comes to visiting this busy and cosmopolitan city.

Watch sunset at the Empire State Building

Empire State

Everyone knows the Empire State Building, that building that for years it was the highest in the city, until the World Trade Center towers were built, which after the attack of September 11, 2001 were destroyed, making the Empire State the highest. Now the One World Trade Center beats him again.

If we are going to visit New York we cannot stop going up to the Empire State Building. This building has two observatories, on the 86th floor and On the 102, and it is in the latter that we will have the best views if we want to see the sunset of New York City.

Take a ride in a yellow cab

New York Taxis

The New York taxis They have appeared in countless films, and are undoubtedly already an icon of the city. It's like getting on the red buses in London, totally a must! We will feel like authentic New Yorkers if we take one of these taxis to go somewhere in the city. However, if we want to save, it is best to move with the metro, but we can afford a little trip in these yellow taxis.

Walk or run on the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge

This bridge was a great XNUMXth century engineering work, and its steel cables an innovative idea that made it a really resistant bridge. It has six car lanes and a walkway for bicycles and pedestrians, which we have surely also seen in movies and series. A bridge that has been illuminated at night since the 80s to accentuate its beauty and neo-Gothic style.

Visit Times Square at night

Times Square

Times Square is the center of the city, in full manhattan, the place where many areas cross, and where we must walk, both day and night. There are shops, trendy bars and above all an infinity of illuminated posters that awaken our senses. Impossible not to get carried away by the maelstrom of this area of ​​the city.

Visit the One World Trade Center Memorial

World Trade Center

We all know the history of the 11/2001 in XNUMX and we follow them on television. Well, in the place where the Twin Towers were, they have built a Memorial to remember all the victims, and on this site is the One World Trade Center, the new tallest building in the city.

Attend a Broadway musical


The Broadway musicals They have been around the world, and this area of ​​the city is very artistic. We cannot leave without seeing some of these current musicals, which are on the rise, and which represent a different form of entertainment. Cats, Cabaret or Les Miserables are some of the classics that made great success on Broadway.

Have a picnic in Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is the green lung of the city, and we have undoubtedly heard of this huge garden with green areas and spaces to relax and get away a bit from city life. If we get tired of so much asphalt and buildings and we need a little peace, we can go into Central Park. There are many areas, and when the good weather arrives New Yorkers spend the day there, sunbathing or having a picnic, as you prefer.

Listen to the gospel in Harlem

gospel harlem

If you had heard of the Harlem neighborhood like a place full of crime, quiet, because now it is a very quiet place, which has even become more touristy. It is one of the most authentic neighborhoods in New York City and a place where you can enjoy gospel, either in live music or live shows at one of those original masses.

Savor art at the Moma


The Moma is the City Museum of Modern Art, and although we find many traveling works, there are also some fixed works by painters such as Dalí or Picasso. A place to go in search of a bit of art and paintings as recognized worldwide as Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Climb the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

We couldn't leave without recommending climb the Statue of Liberty. The first thing that immigrants arriving by boat to the city saw and a symbol of their independence. Today another of the symbols of the city.

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