10 hotels to show off on Instagram in the US

Hotel TWA, NY

There are hotels in everything United States. It is a large country so the hotel offering is enormous, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Today, in a world where image prevails and where it seems that all experiences are vicarious, rather than experiencing places, it seems that we are only there to take photos and upload them to social networks. Therefore, today, 10 hotels to show off on Instagram in the US

TWA Hotel, New York

TWA Hotel, in the USA

New York is a beautiful, multicultural, vibrant city, always with new things to enjoy. It is, without a doubt, one of the capitals of the world.

As such, it has a great hotel offer and many of these places are for taking photos and more photos or, as our title today suggests, to brag on social networks.

TWA Hotel, in the USA

The TWA Hotel in New York was built in 1962 when it was decided remodel part of JFK Airport and turn it into a first class hotel. In fact, The heart of the hotel is the iconic TWA Flight Center, where the restaurants, bars and shops used to be.

The hotel has two wings, behind the historic building, and offers 512 rooms with views of the landing and take-off runways. You can imagine it? Additionally, it offers a swimming pool on the terrace with observation deck, a revolving hall, Lockheed fuselage converted into a cocktail bar and a nice vintage message system brought from Italy.

The rooms have strange names: Howard Hughes Presidential Suite overlooking the slopes, Eero Saarlnen Presidential Suite overlooking the historic TWA building, for example.

TWA Hotel, in the USA

In addition to staying here and enjoying its advantages, you can take a tour of its museum. You will see their displays of old flight attendants' suits, for example, but also tableware and so on, all from another era. You can also shop in their gift shop, take sweatshirts or dog leashes, bottles or glasses with the logo.

You can rent a room for the day, up to four hours or more from 6 am to 8 pm, without spending the night; or sleep directly. The good thing about the first option is that with a reservation you can go to the pool bar.

Calculates from $180. I don't know about you, but the photographs from up there are going to look great on Instagram.

21c Museum Hotel, Kentucky

Hotel 21c, in Kentucky

I don't know if we're all going to visit Kentucky sometime, but if we do... how about sleeping in this hotel? He says of himself to be Louisville's first museum hotel.

It is on a historic street, to West Main St., and functions as a hotel and museum of contemporary art. You have 91 rooms, is more of a boutique hotel, and also home to the acclaimed Proof on Main restaurant.

The 21c Louisville is one of the best contemporary art museums in the world. A good idea of ​​this is conveyed by the David, twice the size of the original, but once inside there is always something on display and your stay at the hotel will be surrounded by art.

Hotel 21c

The museum and hotel They operate in five 19th century warehouses, huge, full of art: there is David, but there are also letters that fall from the sky written with a poem, an interactive installation called Text Rain, or clouds in the shape of rings, art that can be seen from the first floor window . Exhibits rotate but are open to the public daily.

And what about the rooms? The firm Deborah Berke Partners took charge of the reconditioning of the old warehouses, preserving the best of them: the high ceilings, big windows, brick walls. Perhaps the best room to take photos is the Cyclone.

La Cyclone room is to immerse yourself fully in art. It is on the lowest floor, has a king size bed and a wall and ceiling that looks like a multicolored stained glass window. But you can always stay in a common room or dine artfully at that famous restaurant called Proof on main, where they serve local products from the Ohio River Valley, or relax in their spa.

The Whitby Hotel, NY

The Whitby Hotel, New York

This hotel is located in the heart of Manhattan, on West 56th Street and 5th Avenue. Like the previous hotel, it adds a lot of art, and for that reason it deserves to be on our social networks.

The hotel is just two blocks from Central Park so it is close to the best of the city in terms of restaurants, galleries and museums.

The truth is that it has a super picturesque and colorful decoration. In all of them, one color prevails and you will like all of them because they are all my personal. Some have a private terrace and offer great views of Manhattan.

Whitby Hotel

In addition to the rooms, of all categories, there is a bar and a restaurant and an orangerie and a gym. The Whitby Bar & Restaurant is colorful too, spacious with its high ceilings and with a great bar and a long table that attracts everyone's attention. The windows and doors face a orangery Lovely sun bathed so if there are no clouds it is super lit.

If you don't want or can't stay here, you can always come and enjoy a afternoon tea. It costs $75 per person and $95 for a glass of Joseph Perrier, Brut. Includes scones, Victoria Sponge, Earl Gray tea, a choice of salmon, chicken or cream cheese sandwiches and other delicacies.

Yes, that hotel It doesn't have a pool.

Enchantment Resort, Sedona

Enchantment Resort

This Hotel It's in Arizona and connects you with nature, among rocks and pine trees, under a clear sky with stars.

Originally this hotel was a casa particular, a private ranch surrounded by pine forests in Red Rock Country, but it went on to offer luxury experiences and bring people closer to Native Americans and their culture. So, we see adobe houses with wood burning fireplaces and many rustic furniture that have a lot to do with the environment.

Hotel Enchantment Resort, in the USA

These little houses are great, with decks or patios open to the spectacular views of Boynton Canyon, and everything has been recently renovated, giving it a great upgrade to the rooms. But there are also common rooms and suites and… rooms with their own pool.

Obviously it's not just about staying at the hotel, but about enjoying its surroundings. So, you can sign up for the experiences they offer here: mountain biking, climbing, walks through the Grand Canyon, a spa, car rides, golf, yoga, tennis or stargazing with a night sky expert.

The Venetian, Las Vegas

The Venetian

As they say this It is the largest hotel in the United States. It is a luxury casino and hotel located in Las Vegas and everything has been built and decorated with the leitmotif of Venice, in Italy.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada and you have surely seen this place in more than one movie. Well, if you are going to be on your social networks, then it deserves to show off on Instagram.

the Venetian, hotel in Las Vegas

It was formerly the Sand Hotel, but today it has this name. Offers 4049 rooms and a casino of 11 square meters. It also has a convention center and another hotel, The Palazzo. In reality, it is huge because it is part of a huge hotel complex which totals a whopping 7128 rooms and suites.

In 1998 the previous Sand Hotel was demolished and construction began on the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. Finally, It opened in 1999 with the presence of Sofía Loren.

The Strat, Las Vegas

The Strat Hotel

Another hotel in Las Vegas is this one. The full name is The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower and without a doubt it is an icon of this Nevada city.

Its emblematic tower reaches 350 meters high, has two swimming pools, many restaurants and a 7400 square meter casino.

Hotel The Strat 2

All rooms are modern and have a private bathroom, and it has a 1400 square meter pool on the 8th floor. There is also another one, with a bar and for adults only, on the 24th floor with great views.

In Las Vegas it's all about games and shows so guests can also enjoy various shows and restaurants of all kinds.

Hotel Nobu, Ceasars Palace

Hotel Nobu

another hotel In Las Vegas, located on South Boulevard, and super luxurious. Has a japanese style decoration with modern touches.

It was conceived by chef Nobu and Robert DeNiro himself. inside Ceasars Palace, so everything is top quality. It offers relaxation services to its guests or visitors, with baths and spa, a modern gym and an otherworldly massage center.

Hotel Nobu

The rooms are exquisite, modern and with works of art. There is a outdoor pool, an indoor casino and a sauna.  All rooms have a 55-inch TV, iPod dock and Natura Bisse amenities.

Calculate a base average of $600 per night so yes there is luxury.

The Queen Mary

Hotel Queen Mary

The Queen Mary It is one of the most famous ocean liners in the world. She was built by the White Star Line, in Scotland, and her maiden voyage was in May 1936.

It was named after the wife of King George V, Mary of Teck, Queen of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India, and had a beautiful Art Deco design, more than 50 woods from around the world and a lot of luxury: indoor pool, two, a music studio, libraries, paddle tennis court and telephone service which for the time was great.

In the '50s the era of the ocean liners came to an end and were replaced by jets, so the Queen Mary was retired in the late '60s. So, In 1967 the city of Long Beach bought it and converted it into a hotel and museum.

Hotel Queen Mary

The hotel closed in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, but the following year the city took charge again and restored it. For that he is still raising money and offering guided tours every day.

The ship has more than 300 original first class cabins, with the decorations restored and everything working. You can opt for these luxury cabins or simpler rooms. Also there are bars and restaurants.

A great experience would be dining at Sir Winston's Restaurant & Lounge, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. And if you can't or want to stay you can always attend a concert, a fireworks show or enjoy a afternoon tea or a Sunday brunch.

Urban Cowboy, Nashville

Urban Cowboy Hotel

If you like cowboy movies or feeling like you're in the Wild West but with luxury, then you'll really like this hotel.

There are different locations but Nashville, city of typical American music, is the one that summons us today. She is in East Nashville and offers us carefully decorated suites, all within one elegant Victorian mansion dating from the 19th century.

Public House Bar

The old house today houses the Parlor Wine Bar, where there are live shows at night, the Public House doubles as an antique bar and there's even an antique carriage to sit in and sip a cocktail.

El Urban Cowboy Nashville It's at 1603 Woodland St. and its charming motto is Arrive as strangers, leave as friends.

Clown Motel, in Nevada

Clown Hotel

Hotels and horror movies they can go hand in hand. This is what Vijay Mehar thought in 2019. He already had experience in the hotel industry but he wanted something different.

That's how he thought about this hotel and with the money he earned as a chef in Doha, Canada and Australia he opened the Clown Hotel in Nevada.

It never stood still, so the hotel saw and will still see many changes. The exterior is brightly colored, looks like a circus and hence the name. His idea is that each guest has a great experience when staying.

Hotel Clown, in Nevada

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. huge clowns that are in the building attract attention, but its eccentric owner also wants guests to live in the hotel's 13 rooms terrifying experiences. Will it be possible?

There is also a Clown Museum and there is no shortage of curious people and fans of ghosts and the paranormal. So, are you ready to travel to the United States, stay in one of these hotels and upload your photos to Instagram?

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