5 European cities for a getaway


If we are short on time, we love planning a getaway. There are hundreds of sites that we have not seen and that we would love to enjoy, so we are going to show you 5 European cities to experience that long-awaited getaway. In these destinations we will find very interesting cities that can be visited in a small getaway, which is the important thing.

If we are going to organize a getaway for a weekendIt must be to a city that allows us to see its most important points of interest without leaving us anything that we would have liked to see. These and many other European cities are a great option to disconnect for a short weekend to the fullest.

Lyon, France


Lyon is one of the most important cities in France. Not as much as Paris, of course, but precisely for that reason it is more suitable for a short break. In Lyon there are some essential visits not to be missed, such as the Lumiere Museum, where the inventions that led to the appearance of the cinematograph are located. The Saint Jean Cathedral is another prominent place, a cathedral that mixes the Romanesque and Gothic styles, in which the astronomical clock stands out above all, which tells us the time, but also the position of the stars or the sun over Lyon. You can also see the past of the Romans in the archaeological remains of La Fourvière, with the Gallo-Roman Museum.

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Prague is another one of those European destinations that conquers more and more people around the world. A city with history and very well preserved, where we can see different spaces that will leave us with a good taste in our mouths. The Charles Bridge It is one of the most photographed places in the city, and it crosses the river linking the Malá Strana district with the Old City. Walking through it while taking photos of the views is a classic. In the Old Town we can see the central square where the city hall building is located with the famous Prague astronomical clock. The visit to the Prague Castle is long, so we will have to dedicate time, since it is the largest medieval fortress in the world.

Bordeaux, France


We are going again to France, to a city that can be visited quietly in a weekend. We are talking about Bordeaux, the capital of the Aquitaine region. The Place de la Bourse It is the most emblematic place in this city, and it is the square where we can see the stately buildings reflected in a mirror of water that is created artificially. A very original scene that has made this square known all over the world for the beautiful images that are taken. But there is much more to Bordeaux, from the house where Goya lived to the Pey Berland tower, from which you can see the entire city in a panoramic way. In general, Bordeaux is a well-preserved city, with a very beautiful old town that is worth getting lost aimlessly.

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a city that has a very lively center, and with green spaces close by, so it has the best of everything and offers visitors just the right amount of hustle and bustle. The street of Temple Bar is one of the most famous, and it is that there is atmosphere in it at all hours, with people who move from pub to pub to try beers and wishky. But in this city there is much more to see, such as a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, where we can taste the most famous beer in Ireland and see its history throughout the centuries, or a cultural visit to Trinity College, the university oldest in Ireland, boasting an astonishing library.

Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, convinces by its mix between modernity and its old area, which retains all its charm. The April 25 bridge It is one of the most iconic scenes, and it is the longest suspension bridge in all of Europe. Lisbon has a lot to offer visitors, from great gastronomy to its famous fado and monuments. The Torre de Belem in the Tagus estuary, an ancient defensive tower of great beauty, or the Castle of São Jorge or the Cathedral of Lisbon. Next to the Torre de Belém is the Jerónimos Monastery, the place where Vasco de Gama is buried and a space that is interesting for its church or cloister. You also have to travel on its famous yellow trams, which run through some parts of the city, and go up to Chiado and the Barrio Alto on the Santa Justa elevator.

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