5 apps that will help you organize your trip

When it comes to traveling, all help may be little: that if you book the ticket on time and the cheapest possible, that if you know what time and climate there will be in the destination place so you know what clothes to put in the suitcase, that if know what means of transport we will have in our destination to be able to move around the city more easily, etc.

It is for this reason that today we present you 5 apps that will help you organize your trip safely and reliably. They are apps of all kinds and that you will surely use both before your trip and during it.


This application will be very useful if you do not want to stay in hostels or hotels. Go to the destination you go, today you have the application of Airbnb Who gets you whole houses or rooms (depending on what you need and what you want to spend) to stay.

For example, I highly value the comfort of a whole house available to me, well, with Airbnb I can achieve it. In this application you will find all kinds of filters: number of rooms, smoking or non-smoking house, if pets are allowed, if they have car park, etc., so that you can find what you need.

Highly recommended to decide before traveling where are you staying.


This is one of the many applications that you will find to see the weather in the place you go. Every device usually has an application pre-installed to see the time, however, AccuWeather It is one of the best and most reliable I have ever seen.

In it you will find the time broken down both by hours and by days and with all kinds of details: probability of rain, temperature, humidity, etc.

In this way, you will find at least a week before traveling what time you will find in the destination you are going to. So you can to pack according to the climate you find.

My Cloud

In this application, thanks to the comments of countless travelers, you will be able to make yourself both before and when you are traveling, a slight idea of what you can find in the destination: the most visited places, the best places to eat, those points that you should not miss, etc. All accompanied by pictures, ratings and recommendations from other travelers, etc.

Thanks to the Minube app you can prepare in advance a kind of itinerary, planning or programming of your trip so that you do not miss the important thing and you can enjoy those super known and also secret places of the city or town you visit.

Google Translate

A super important application to carry when we are going to travel anywhere abroad and we do not master the language. Google Translate It will make life much easier for us both when ordering a meal in a restaurant and knowing the most basic services and facilities of a shopping center, for example.

Best of all, it not only translates text that you add, but it can also translate posters. You take a photo of the poster, logically well focused, and it immediately translates the message it carries. And all in about 100 different languages, so wherever you go, you will almost certainly find translation.


This application will be very useful if you are going to have the public transport at the destination. With it you will see at the moment countless routes that you can do and what means of transport to take to carry them out. To do this, you will only need to know the starting point, add it to the application, and the arrival point ... In this way it will give you the best route you should take and what means of transport makes it ... Easy and comfortable!

With these applications you will only need two important things: a full battery and a 3G connection. The rest is a piece of cake. You will no longer have excuses not to travel.

What other applications for travel do you consider really important to have installed on your mobile or tablet?


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