5 essential places to visit in Jamaica

Visiting Jamaica is going on a great adventure. Beyond its kilometers of virgin coasts, its crystal clear waterfalls, its beautiful coral reefs, its coffee plantations and its sugar cane and that reggae heritage, the Caribbean island surprises visitors with the amount of treasures it hides Discover them so it is only a matter of time and desire. Next we will visit 5 very different cities in Jamaica that are worth visiting. Are you joining us?


Devon House Jamaica

It is difficult to explain what the capital of Jamaica is like, so it is best to meet it in person. It was founded in 1692 after the destruction of Port Royal by an earthquake and is currently the seat of government of Jamaica and the economic capital of the island. However, from the tourist point of view it is also very interesting due to its wide cultural, educational and leisure offer. After all, more museums, events and restaurants are concentrated here than in any other corner of the island.

You can do it all in Kingston. From touring a historic mansion like Devon House and visiting the National Gallery with the best of local art to attending a performance at the Little Theater or exploring the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean (Hope Gardens, Coconut Museum or Sunken Gardens) and the most beautiful Blue Mountains.

But we cannot forget that reggae was born in the ghetto of Trenchtown, in Kingston, so the Bob Marley Museum, a universal myth of these Jamaican rhythms, is a must. Did you know that it is the most visited place in Jamaica?

Eight rivers

This city in northern Jamaica is a shopper's dream. Here the traveler will find from luxury shopping centers to traditional shops where they can find fascinating souvenirs.

However, it is also a paradise for those who love to do ecotourism on their vacations. In this Jamaican region, nature is exuberant and pure. It has spectacular waterfalls such as Dunn's River Falls that form gentle pools between the rocks and invite you to a refreshing dip. We also find parks where the beauty of nature reaches its maximum splendor, such as Shaw Park or Cobaya Park.

In Mystic Mountain you will find the perfect mix between bucolic forests and adventure in a kind of amusement park with nature as a backdrop where you can find zip lines, chair lifts and sleds to enjoy the wonderful landscape and spectacular views of the sea.

In Ocho Ríos a must-see is also Dolphin Cove, where these friendly animals and others such as mantas and sharks live. The visit to this space allows you to interact with the dolphins and take a bath with them. Without a doubt, a unique experience where photos and videos are guaranteed.

Montego Bay

It is the second most important Jamaican city and the ideal place to start the trip in the country as it is a place undoubtedly surrendered to tourism, where you can find everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Montego Bay is the perfect destination for those who dream of spending a few lazy days lying on the beach and drinking mojitos. Its white sand beaches offer hours of relaxation, sunshine and even healing properties as Doctor's Cave beach is said to have.

'MoBay' is also known to be one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica, where there are always spectacular things to see such as historic houses and castles.


The Jamaican city of Negril is synonymous with partying and relaxation. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Negril Beach. This place is also famous for its busy nightlife and reggae rhythms are a constant in the city's gambling dens.

Some of the highlights to see in Negril are its coral rock cliffs, the colorful craft market along Norman Manley Boulevard, the Negril Lighthouse and the Royal Palm Reserve. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations, hence it is the preferred destination for many young Danes to escape from the routine, which our Danish friends from trendhim.

The south coast of Jamaica

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Renowned for its secluded beaches and beautiful unspoiled landscapes, Jamaica's south coast is a true treasure. The region is full of picturesque fishing villages and elaborate Georgian architecture that reminds us of what life was like in Jamaica's origins of trade routes and old farms that have been turned into hotels.

This area is also known for its historic sugar cane plantations, very close to the port city Savanna-La-Mar. From here, we can explore the longest navigable river in Jamaica, the cliffs of almost 500 meters and the highest waterfalls on the island as well as a large protected wetland infested with crocodiles.

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