5 good coffee shops in Bruges

One of the most picturesque old cities in Europe is Bruges, in Belgium. I do not know anyone who steps on Europe and does not visit it, but the first time that he travels in any of the subsequent trips. It is the capital of West Flanders and it is only 20 kilometers from Brussels, the national capital.

Its lovely old town is the tourist magnet of the country: since 2000 is World Heritage and although time has taken its toll on it and reconstructions abound today, there are many medieval treasures and dozens of bridges to get lost on a stroll. And in the obligatory break, how about a coffee and something sweet? Write down these which are the 5 best coffee shops in Bruges.


I would say that it is perfect to go with friends because everything the atmosphere is super feminine or what our western culture understands by such: pink all over, flowered curtains, overstuffed sofas… Super delicate.

Prestige Bakery not a cheap place but with the service and the delicacies it serves it is worth the effort. The waffles are excellent and the same is the chocolate milk, the waffles fruit trees, tea, buns, chocolates and food dishes that, although simple and light, are extremely tasty.

The personnel is very friendly. If you don't like pretentious places, those that sometimes have inflated prices and fall short on quantity (not taste), then skip ahead. Unless you find the decoration charming. Then, calmly succumb.

The place it is close to the main square of Bruges and it is very popular with tourists and locals so please avoid rush hours breakfast and snack to enjoy in peace.

Ma Rica RoKK

This site is a mix of bar and breakfast spot. In the morning it is an excellent place to buy the newspaper or turn on the laptop and order breakfast. Have one of the most beautiful and spacious terraces in Bruges and its clientele is young.

He is about 25 years old and drives affordable prices to be fair in the center of town. In the afternoon the music starts so it is more to go to drink a few pints of beer in a very relaxed atmosphere where pop and R&B usually sound.

You can find it at 6 't Zand, 800 and if you sign up for one of those famous "pub crawls" you will surely know it at night.

Li O Lait

This cafe is another beautiful corner of Bruges. The place is adorned with original paintings by the painter Roger Gobron who lived in that house all his life, from 1988 to 1985. It offers us a great variety of coffees black, another filter coffee, a range of coffees with milk including options of cappuccino, milk with cream, caramel or vanilla, iced coffee and three options of coffee with alcohol (with a touch of cachaca, amaretto or whiskey).

Li O Lait is on Dweerstraat 30 and open early in the morning, 8:30 am.

Books & Brunch

The name says it all. Brunch is not very popular in Bruges or Belgium in general but it is applicable to what is served in this small restaurant / cafe. Its owners are a couple who like it home cooking so the cakes, bread, sweets, juices and savory dishes, most notably soups, are incredible.

Breakfast is the most recommended and is served from 9 in the morning from Monday to Friday. Inside you can take advantage Free WIFI or if you want to spend a few hours in the old-fashioned way, you can choose to borrow one of the many books on the upper floor (those upstairs are in English while those closer to hand, on the lower floor, are in Dutch and more than anything for sale).

Books & Brunch tends to get crowded at noon so try to go early. Also closed on weekends, Keep that in mind.


The Gulliver Tree

A tea house with a fairytale name, although both tea and coffee are served here. It is named in honor of the great-grandmother of its owners, an Englishwoman married to a Belgian in the XNUMXth century. It is hidden in one of the medieval alleys from the city and the atmosphere is cozy with its soft armchairs, its rugs, its wooden floors and its white walls. The chairs are Scandinavian in style, there are shelves with books and it looks more like a living room in a family home than a cafe.


The coffee beans are ground on the spot, so every so often you hear the grinding noise and smell the freshly ground coffee. The tea room has a fireplace and the china is porcelain so the noise of the grinder is added to its clink. It is a family cafe run by sisters Anny and Jilly.

You can have breakfast or lunch. You can choose between two types of breakfasts, the traditional or the healthy one, opt for tea, coffee or fruit and herbal infusions and pastries of all kinds. Breakfast is served between 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Since from that time lunch begins to be served (until 2 pm).

Prices? A bread roll with butter, ham and Nutella costs 2, 50 euros, a basket of bread with butter, ham and Nutella included 5 euros, an organic poyé egg, 2, 50 euros, a glass of Greek yogurt with homemade granola 11, 50. The most recommended is full breakfast with fruits, raisins, seeds and berries, coconut milk, oatmeal, milk or yogurt costs 9, 50 euros. The soup of the day costs 7 euros.

Naturally in Bruges there are many other cafes, and many more pubs, but these are the most authentic and the ones that get the most good comments from tourists and locals. Get to know them then!

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