How to celebrate Valentine's Day in Madrid and Barcelona

Valentine's Day

February is the most romantic month of the year as it is celebrated on Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate the love of a couple. For some time now, the celebration has become the darling of global consumerism, so I would say that on February 14 the whole world is decorated with balloons, chocolate bonbons and red hearts.

Activities, walks and special Valentine's menus appear in the cities. It is a classic that never fails and sometimes the best opportunity to go to places that we would not know otherwise. Then, what can we do in Madrid and Barcelona on Valentine's Day? Let's see what are the romantic proposals of these two popular Spanish cities.

Valentine's Day, a bit of history

Valentine's Day!

What are we celebrating? Well this celebration has pagan origins, that is to say, prior to Christianity, and it is another of the many pagan festivals that the Catholic Church has assimilated throughout its history. Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome around the XNUMXnd century, moment when marriage is prohibited for young men because the emperor considered that young people who had no family, wife, children, were better soldiers.

The story says that Valentine defied the emperor and began secretly celebrating weddings. The emperor found out and since Valentine was very popular in the city he decided to call him. Although he heard it, he ended up sending him to jail. There he was the miracle worker by restoring sight to the daughter of a guard who, obviously, converted to Christianity. The girl's name was Julia and when Valentine died she decorated her grave with pink almond blossoms, hence the use of red and pink on this day.

Valentine's Cards

When you listen to these stories, you do not know for sure how much is false and how much is true, but it is beautiful, isn't it? With regard to more modern history, the history of the celebration itself, it begins in the XNUMXth century with the sale of some cards with hearts. From there, Valentine's Day conquered the world and today it is a party that transcends countries and cultures as it is celebrated in the West and with different versions, also in Asia.

Valentine's Day in Madrid

Outings in El Retiro

Madrid, the capital of Spain, It has a very varied offer to celebrate this Valentine's Day. If the weather is good, you can walk with your partner through the Big Pond of the Retiro Park, by boat, about 45 minutes. 14 falls on Sunday so the boat trips cost 7 euros and the solar boat 50 euros. Rentals are from 1 am to 5:10 pm. You can also do a romantic balloon flight and taste a glass of champagne.

Balloon ride

There are many companies in Madrid that make these flights in hot air balloons that, in general, between assembly, launching and landing last two hours: Zero Wind Balloons, Balloon Rides Aerodiffusion, Aerotours Madrid, are some. Another option, already more charged with sensuality, is to take a walk around Hamman Al Andalus. The price for two people is 59 euros and you guarantee it by buying the gift card between February 6 and 13.

Hammam Al Andalusian

Hamman is, as the name implies, a arab bath with the aroma of incense, low lights, hot water and super relaxing music. It has three swimming pools (with hot and cold water), a steam bath, a massage area and a space to relax drinking tea. It opens from 10 am to 12 pm. Now that I think about it, you can end up in the Arab bath after enjoying a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants in Madrid.

dinners at Enigmatium

There are many restaurants in Madrid that offer Valentine's Day menus. One of them is riddle: dinner by candlelight, show with entertainers and magicians, a three-course menu, drinks bar, photocall and photographic report all evening (more than 200 photos), ticket and mojito for the Moss disco and the possibility of have a VIP table near the stage to better enjoy the show.

If you like something more private and less noisy, you can try other restaurants, even the del Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. There are several restaurants here but in the Real Cafe You can start Sunday with a delicious brunch for 9 euros, for example. Write down the names of these other restaurants with a Valentine's Day 99 menu:

  • Wanda: the menu costs 25 euros, three courses, dessert, drink and cocktail. The motto is Kissing is always a good idea.
  • 5 spoons: the Valentine's menu is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (February 11, 12 and 13), for lunch and dinner. All with a lot of romance and unforgettable flavors.
  • Laveronica: With the lovers' party in mind, the menu includes a welcome cocktail, first course, second course, wines, dessert and surprise gift at 58 euros per person. And what ducks!

Madrid is a very big city so there are really many restaurants and cafes that will offer special menus. You can make the whole day special by planning ahead.

Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Valentine's Day in Barcelona

The most classic festivities here have to do with eating out and giving flowers and chocolates. It is not a city that is fascinated with this party since just a month later, in April, the Day of San Jordi is celebrated here, the Day of Sant Jordi, a very romantic party too. So that's Plan A for its inhabitants.


If for some reason you are in Barcelona and you want to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can start the day with a nice bouquet of flowers and a tasty box of chocolate bonbons and end with a romantic lunch or dinner. Write these down Recommended restaurants for Valentine's Day in Barcelona:

  • Torre d'Alta Mar: It is the restaurant of the cable car tower of Port Vell built in 1929. The views are great because you are going to be 75 meters high. It is not cheap, but it has its charm. It offers a Gourmet and Petit Gurmet Menu, noon and night: 92 euros from Tuesday to Saturday and 72 euros, both without drinks, respectively.
  • Backlight: It is a nice restaurant with a nice, romantic garden. It serves Mediterranean cuisine and is well refined. You can find it in the Sarriá neighborhood and to give you an idea of ​​the prices, the appetizers are between 4 and 28 euros, the entrees between 7 and 18 euros, the pastas and rice dishes are around 20 euros and the meats 24 euros, more or less.

Flower shops in Las Ramblas

Of course, there are many more restaurants to enjoy Valentine's Day in Barcelona. If you go to give flowers then make your purchase in Au Nom de la Rose, on C / Ganduxer street,  Dadaflor o La Rambla, for example. And if you want to add chocolates Chocolat factory, with its artisan chocolates, is a classic.

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