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Hot air balloons

Valentine's Day is approaching and those of us who are as a couple are already thinking about what we can do that special Sunday. A getaway? A romantic dinner? Cinema? A gift? The options are many but you try not to repeat yourself year after year, especially if you keep the same couple ...

We recently talked about spending the Valentine's Day in Madrid and one of the options was take a hot air balloon ride over the city. How about? There are several companies that offer these tours and if the day is pleasant you can schedule a flight, a lunch, funny photos and even ask for a wedding at more than a hundred meters high. Let's see the options for doing this type of flight in Madrid.

Zero Wind Balloons

Zero Wind Balloons

About us has the authorization of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the State Agency for Aviation Safety both for flying, taking pictures and filming from the air, dropping paratroopers or advertising aerially. It has modern warehouses and its own 16-hectare field where the hangars, the school, a bar and even an aeronautical library are located. In addition, it maintains offices in El Casar.

The team is made up of three pilots and three people who are in charge of monitoring on the ground. How is the balloon flight? Lasts between three and four hours and the takeoff is very early then Dawn flights are ideal since there is much less wind and the atmosphere is more stable. The balloon is inflated and if you want you can participate. Recommended because it adds to the experience.

Wind Balloons Zero 2

The duration of the flight itself is an hour, an hour and a half. It all depends on the terrain and the weather, but the balloon can fly a thousand meters high. From the ground, the globe is followed by a ground assistance team and communicated via radio. When the tour ends there is a Champagne toast, a picnic lunch, and delivery of a flight certificate. And if you want a DVD with the experience of the great flight recorded on it.

Where do you fly? Taking off from Villanueva del Pardillo you fly over the Sierra de Guadarrama. Globos Viento Zero flies not only over Madrid but also over Toledo, Siguenza, Segovia, Extremadura, Valladolid, La Rioja and Zaragoza and you can schedule personalized flights. How much does this ride cost? 150 euros per person.

Aerial Broadcast


This company has been in the market for more than thirty years and is a family business. Some winners of the European Balloon Festival or the Dakar Rally work on it, so they know what they are doing. Flights start early, at 7:30 am, in summer and one hour later in winter. The full tour lasts about three and a half hours and includes: the pre-flight briefing, the inflation of the balloon and boarding, the one-hour flight, the champagne toast upon landing, a lunch at La Postal (coffee, soda, beer, wine, fried eggs with bacon or tumaca toast ), flight certificate and return to the starting point. And of course, for sure.

The Air Diffusion balloons They fly at a height of about 300 meters and cover a distance of 10 kilometers. The baskets can carry six, eight, ten or fourteen passengers. Contrary to what we may think, at a certain height it is not so cold so you do not have to wear more clothing. Cancellations with less than 72 hours are not allowed and the flight always depends on the weather. Do you want to make a gift for valentine? You can buy the trip online and the company sends you an email with the flight ticket with an open date so that the person can use it whenever they want.


What's the price? In Madrid the usual price is 160 euros but it is on sale and today it costs 130 euros per person. If you make the purchase before 31/1 you take advantage of this offer. The same prices run for Segovia.



It is the adventure division of Flying Circus SL, a company that has been in the market for 25 years and is English. It has the largest fleet of balloons in Spain and it has many national accreditations. And, detail, has the largest capacity balloon in the country: 16 passengers.

This company offers Balloon flights over Madrid, Ávila, Toledo, Aranjuez and Segovia. The flight lasts one hour but as in the other cases the entire activity lasts three hours between transportation, balloon inflation, flight and landing. There is also a toast, a picnic lunch and the delivery of a diploma certifying the completion of the flight. It offers different types of tickets: Adult, Child and Couple: 145, 110 and 725 euros respectively.

In Madrid the flights usually have a price of 225 euros but now they are on sale and cost 145 euros.

Always in the clouds

Always in the clouds

This company also has the authorization of the State Aviation Safety Agency and is very professional. It has been in the market for twenty years although this division of balloons was born in 2008. It has its offices in Madrid, in the two particular areas for balloon flights (Valdemorrillo, next to the Regional Park of the Middle Course of the Guadarrama River, and in Aranjuez and Extremadura), but makes flights in other corners of Spain too.

Always in the clouds 2

The duration of the tour is a full three hours and you can take home a photo report of the experience and an HD video. Currently the price is 145 euros per person.

Hot air balloon flights, history

Balloon flights

The birthplace of balloon flights is France. In 1783 a scientist and adventurer named Pilatre De Rozier launched the first hot air balloon with some animals inside it (a rooster, a sheep, a duck), and managed to make the balloon stay in the air for about 15 minutes until it fell. Two months later other Frenchmen did the same in Paris and managed a twenty-minute flight.

Two years later, in 1785, Jean Pierre Blanchard and an American pilot managed to fly in a balloon over the English Channel, a real feat. That same year De Rozier died while trying the same. The balloon exploded because it was inflated with hydrogen. In 1793 another fantastic flight took place but in the United States and with George Washington present, again in charge of a Frenchman, but it would take a century for balloon flights to become more common.

It was in the 30s of the XNUMXth century that flights became popular and for the first time a cabin was pressurized, to be able to fly higher and higher. We know the story: balloon flights seemed like the answer to prayers to move fast and through the air but the use of hydrogen, flammable, put an end to sleep and we all ended up flying by plane. But the balloons became tourist and advertising and they continued to sail through the clouds. There were even balloon flights that crossed oceans in great feats.


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