6 reasons to cruise with kids


Cruises are a vacation option like any other. However, for many people a trip by sea is synonymous with luxury but in recent times the model has changed significantly. With a wide range of leisure activities and the possibility of visiting several destinations at the same time on a ship full of amenities, more and more travelers stop seeing cruises as something too luxurious out of their reach and even dare to do this family travel.

After all, maritime tourism has not waned during the crisis. In the last eight years it has grown by 49% according to CLIA data, which attributes it to a younger and more attractive offer. In this way, cruises organize activities for all ages so that all passengers enjoy on board. Also children, who can have a great time in the water parks with giant slides, attending children's shows and doing exclusive activities for them.

In 2015 there were 8,44 million people who boarded a cruise in one of the 46 Spanish ports (3% more than in 2014) although the Ministry of Public Works expects that this figure will be exceeded in 2016. Will you be your family and you any of them? Here are several reasons why you should go on a cruise in the company of the little ones.



A unique experience

Children are probably not as used to riding a boat as they are to a bus or an airplane. Visiting different countries while making a journey aboard a ship is a unique experience where they will be able to contemplate the sea in all its splendor and immensity, know what life is like on a boat and live a very special adventure that they will remember all their lives.

Every day in a new place

Traveling aboard a cruise ship is anything but monotonous. It will be impossible for children to get bored considering all the activities they can do there with the entertainers and other children their age. The journey between ports will not be tedious for them, so they will not ask that typical "when do we arrive?" Phrase all the time. Rather just the opposite, their time will fly by.

In addition, taking a cruise will allow them to know many cities in different countries and take fun excursions. They will discover incredible places that will attract a lot of attention, being each day a different adventure.

When it comes to excursions on the different scales of the cruise there are two options. The first is to prepare them on our own and the second is to take the excursions organized by the ship. In the latter case, you have to reserve them either online or upon arrival at the ship.

Cruise ship Fred Olsen

Goodbye to carrying luggage and children

Traveling with children can sometimes be a hassle when a trip to different destinations has been scheduled since you have to carry suitcases, toys and trolleys without losing sight of the little ones.

On a cruise, everything is simplified as the luggage is checked in at the port and the crew takes care of distributing it through the cabins. Then in each place where the ship is docked, it is enough to bring the essentials to make a visit.

You will eat your fill

The feeding of children during a trip is often a matter of concern for parents. It is difficult to combine a varied and healthy diet when the restaurants in a city are not known, the children are tired of moving from here to there so much or they do not give facilities when choosing a dish from the menu.

On a cruise, these problems have an easy solution as there are buffets where you can find practically all the dishes that we can imagine. In addition, they have restaurants serving Asian, Italian, American or gourmet food that complete the offer to satisfy the tastes of all members of the family.

pool cruise

Freedom for parents and fun for children

Most cruises have a kids corner where children are supervised at all times by qualified personnel so that they can be entertained in a safe environment for greater peace of mind and freedom for parents. In addition, when they get on board they will receive security wristbands and parents can rent pager devices or DECT phones for a small additional charge so that you can be in contact at all times.

In this way children can have their own social life. Make new friends in a safe environment and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. For its part, Adults will also be able to enjoy special moments on their own, with the peace of mind of knowing that their children are in a safe environment and having the time of their lives like never before.

Children do not pay

On many cruises, all children sharing a cabin with their parents travel for free. Which means saving a pinch on vacation. So everyone can enjoy a trip for less money, without stress and explore the most interesting places on the planet from the sea.

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