6 tips for sleeping on a long flight

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Even if the plane in which you set sail for your dream vacation is equipped with an entertainment system that has hundreds of movies and games, even if you have downloaded innumerable books in your e-book that you are wanting to read or your seat is next to that of the person you were looking for to elope together, almost everyone agrees that the best thing to do during a long flight is to sleep.

However, falling asleep on a plane is not usually an easy task: the noise of the engines, the turbulence, the people getting up at the service, the coming and going of the stewardesses with the food and drink cart ... that's why We want to give you a few tips to sleep like a baby during the flight or, at least, give it a try.

Choosing a good seat

Some airlines allow passengers to choose their seats at the time of booking and others at the time of online check-in a couple of days before flight departure. One of the keys to enjoying a comfortable trip on a long flight is getting a good seat, but the selection depends on what you are looking for.: more space to stretch your legs, tranquility, calm ... In the first case, it is convenient to choose those that are located by the emergency exits or the seats next to the aisle. In the second, it will be better not to choose the seats near the hostesses, the toilets and the children, which are normally located in the part of the screens as they are reserved for them.

Arrives on the plane tired

The day before facing a transoceanic flight, try to do sports or some type of physical activity that exhausts you. The goal is to get to the plane tired, with the right energy to not get lost when boarding and fall asleep in your seat.

Another option is to limit the number of hours of sleep the day before to continue sleeping once on the plane. However, this advice should not be confused with partying or arriving at the airport hungover. The trip could turn into a nightmare.

Go prepared

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Bring good headphones

Good headphones will do double duty when trying to relax on the plane to fall asleep. On the one hand, they will allow you to listen to music and on the other, they will help you isolate yourself from the noise in the cabin: people talking, the sound of cars in the hall, the noise of engines, etc. If headphones aren't enough, another option is earplugs.

A mask

Another trick to sleep on a long flight is to carry an eye mask in your handbag. The cabin will be illuminated during a good part of the flight so that the hostesses can attend to the passengers in their needs as well as so that the passengers themselves can read or do other types of activities during the trip.

In cases like this, if a mask is attached to the stoppers, you will be able to find the darkness and tranquility necessary to fall asleep.

A pillow

To sleep on a long flight as much as possible, a pillow is essential, either conventional or U-shaped, which usually helps us find a good position to relax and fall asleep. It is essential that it is soft and that it adapts well to the neck to avoid contractures.

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A suitable temperature

Surely you have ever experienced how cool it is inside the cabin of an airplane. If the trip is relatively short, this can be overcome but on trips of several hours, it will be essential to keep warm. Especially when we want to sleep on a long flight. A blanket or warm clothing will be the best solution to feel warm and comfortable when we go to sleep.

Wear comfortable clothes

To face a long flight, it is best to wear comfortable clothes. Loose-fitting garments that do not tighten the skin and promote circulation. Also, remember that on airplanes it is usually quite cold so it is advisable to also wear warm clothes to keep us warm. In this case, the ideal is to wear several layers so that we can put on or take off clothes depending on the temperature.

As for the footwear, it must also be comfortable and we must select one that does not squeeze the feet since they tend to swell during long-duration flights.

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A good sleeping position

Space in an airplane seat is limited, especially in economy class. That is why finding a comfortable position to sleep is not easy, although it is important for a good rest. If your seat neighbor doesn't mind you leaning on his shoulder, great. Use it. If not, another option is to choose a window seat and lean on it or open the backrest table and bend your back. This posture does not work for everyone, but there are those who manage to sleep on a long flight this way.

Notify your companion

If you are traveling accompanied and you plan to spend most of the flight in the arms of Morfeo, it is better that you inform your companion and / or cabin personnel. So no one will bother you or wake you up to ask if you want to eat or drink something or to have an inconsequential conversation That cut your chances of sleeping on a long flight, since with so many hours ahead it is something that is very tempting.

Hydrate a lot

Sleeping on a long flight is one of the keys to fighting the dreaded jet lag, but so is staying hydrated. In airplane cabins there is usually a high probability of dehydration because they are very dry places. To avoid this, it is best to drink plenty of water regularly and slowly, leaving aside alcohol, coffee or tea.

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