8 things you should not do when traveling by car

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The idea of ​​hitting the road with a group of friends to go on an adventure is really exciting. Any time is good to take a trip in good company and discover new landscapes, go on excursions, take a route or be surprised by the gastronomy of a special destination.

The trip can be wonderful but things could also happen that you would not want. From forgetting the GPS and a snack for the road to going like canned sardines for having chosen a car that is too small.

If you are thinking of taking a car trip with several friends, here are some things that should not happen to have a pleasant trip. Everything to avoid a disastrous road adventure!

Not planning the trip

A getaway can come when you least expect it. You have agreed to go on an adventure spontaneously and at the last minute, but before getting into the car, it is always advisable that you plan some basic aspects of the trip so that no one is surprised: where will you stay, what places will you visit, where would you like to eat ...

A trip with many people involves many opinions and to avoid discussions when the time comes, it is best to stick to the agreed plan before leaving. It is not as natural as going where the wind takes you but it is much more prudent in order to keep the good vibes.

Choose the wrong car

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Traveling by car like canned sardines is not a very pleasant experience, especially if the drive is long.

When choosing the right vehicle, take into account both the number of passengers and the duration of the trip. If it happens that your car is the only one available and it is not spacious enough, it is probably worth renting a more comfortable and larger one. In addition, this will make it easier to share expenses.

Not picking the right DJ for the trip

Music is one of those things that can make a long road trip bearable or hell. Don't delegate the responsibility of preparing your song list to someone whose musical tastes are awful.

Seriously, you don't want to be locked in a car for several hours listening to certain songs on a loop. The best thing is that you plan this issue also trying to cover as many styles as possible and that they are to everyone's taste. An advice? The classics always work.

That said, it is also a good alternative to listen to the radio, so you will be aware of new musical groups or trendy songs.

Take nothing to snack on

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Unless you want to stop at each roadside bar and lengthen the journey unnecessarily, it is best to carry a refrigerator and store drinks and snacks there, in case you get hungry ... or if you get lost! Who knows when you can stop for lunch?

Since you are going to be in a crowded and small space, avoid bringing food that leaves a lot of crumbs, is greasy or smells strong. It is not recommended to load the environment.

Do not take breaks

Although we all want to get to our destination as soon as possible, the road trip can be a very beautiful experience. Therefore, whenever you need it, take a break to stretch your legs and eat a snack. It is best to organize technical stops every two hours for everyone to rest, which is very important for the driver. Long-hour trips can be uncomfortable and exhausting at the end, so not taking breaks is a mistake.

Do not air-condition the car

Everyone seems to understand that turning on the heater or air conditioning while driving causes more gas to be used. But when traveling it is important to maintain a comfortable temperature. You will not want to remember the trip because of the cold or the embarrassment that you went through and the discussions that that generated. Holidays are to be enjoyed and nothing better than to start with a good air conditioning in the car.

Not choosing the right travel companions

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And it is that a trip by car can strengthen a friendship or deteriorate it. If you have completely different tastes, you do not agree on the most basic things and your budgets are too different, it is most likely that there will be conflicts.

Therefore, when we plan a getaway, we must think carefully about who our travel companions will be and if you will have enough patience to endure certain hobbies. Otherwise, it is best to decline the invitation.

Pick up a hitchhiker

Speaking of choosing travel companions, we are not sure whether or not it is advisable to pick up a complete stranger who is hitchhiking off the road.

It can be a success if you are a respectful and personable person with endless anecdotes to tell on the way to your destination, but it could also be someone who turns your trip into a nightmare. In the end, the pros and cons are valued by each driver.

Travel smart!

A car trip is always an adventure. To fully enjoy yourself, get out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind (venture down secondary roads, camp in the car ...) but always pay attention to the advice you receive and make sure that someone always knows the country's traffic regulations or the nearest gas station.

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