8 tricks to save time at the airport security control

Whenever we have to take a flight we face the security control at the airport, a boring process that involves having to empty our pockets or open our handbag in order to pass the security control.

That is why from Actualidad Viajes we want to teach you some very useful tips so that you can board in the shortest possible time.

Get to the airport early

Try to go to the airport well in advance to check the hours of the check-in counters of your airline and to be able to access without encountering long lines.

Many people wait until the last minute to get to the airport. This can cause that at certain times, the queues of the security controls are congested and the passage through them is much slower.

By arriving at the airport early, what we want is to save time, not to show up there to wait unnecessarily.


Hand luggage, essential

It seems unbelievable but excess baggage leads to delays. Traveling with only hand luggage is one of the simplest ways to save time and money when boarding at an airport as there will be no need to check in.

Another important issue to lighten the process of going through the security control is to carry liquids (soaps, toothpaste, shaving foam, deodorant spray, etc.) outside your luggage in a transparent and airtight bag.

If you have skipped this step and have put the liquids in your hand luggage, at the security control they will make you unpack your suitcase and store them separately. Although many airports offer these bags for free, if you want to save time it is better that you arrive with yours and with the liquids already organized.

Print boarding passes

Online check-ins are the order of the day. In order to save time to board at the airport, it is best to print your boarding passes to avoid queues. Another option is that you download it on your smartphone but, since sometimes technological devices are not infallible. it is best to bring a paper copy.

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Facilitate security control

It may seem like a trifle but to save time in the security control it is essential that you have the objects that are requested in the process ready. That is, liquids, tablets, computers, mobile phones, etc.

It is important to remember to put the objects you carry on the typical tray when passing the control to avoid being searched by the security guards.

Likewise, when taking a plane it is advisable to wear shoes that are easy to remove because in many airports they force travelers to take off their shoes to analyze it by X-rays as they pass the security check barefoot. That is why it is better to avoid boots with long laces or very tight shoes that slow down the process.

ID in hand

Carrying our personal documentation by hand (ID or passport) is something that can also save us time in security control.

Cooperate with commanding officers

If everything goes well, you only need to go through security once. However, at some airports, passengers are often randomly selected for routine drug screening.

Cooperate with all their instructions and wait for them to give them to you. Don't try to convince them that you are in a rush because that attitude will only delay the process.

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Choose your tail well

Depending on the people with whom you share a queue at the security checkpoint, it will be easier or not for you to save time to board.

Try to pick the queue that is least likely to be late. That is, one that does not have many families with small children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility. All of them will need to take time to go through the x-rays and may need help completing the process.

Prohibited objects at the security check

As you must know by now, some objects are not allowed to be transported in hand luggage but in a checked suitcase. This list includes work tools, firearms, sharps and sharp objects, or chemicals. Also matches, sports equipment (rackets, golf clubs, skateboards, baseball bats ...) or corkscrews.


What other tricks do you know that can help save time at an airport security control? Which do you think is the most effective? And the least? Share your opinions with other travelers in the comments section!

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