Offer to travel to Berlin with friends: Flight + hostel for 80 euros

What to see in Berlin

When such an offer is presented, we cannot refuse. We spend part of our lives wanting to travel, but without having to hurt our pockets. So we have found a great idea for you. It's about a two day trip to Berlin, which you can share with friends and for just over 80 euros. Are you interested? Well, click here and contract this special offer now which will last only a few hours.

It seems that everything fits perfectly. A very special destination, being able to take our friends or colleagues and of course, the great final price. Because it will include both the flight itself and the stay. When all are advantages, we just have to go packing.

Flight + hostel in Berlin at an unbeatable price

As we have pointed out, we are facing a good offer, that without a doubt. Because in addition to already including the round-trip ticket, there is also the three night stay. All this for a total of 87 euros, to be specific. So, it is a good time to take advantage and give ourselves that whim that we have been thinking about for a long time. In addition, we will be able to know Berlin in the two days and little that we will be in it.

Trip to berlin flight
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To start with, our Flight will depart on Tuesday March 12 and its return will be on Friday 15. We will take off from Madrid on a direct flight to our destination. Once there, the hotel is about 12 kilometers away. But there is nothing to worry about because click here you can hire a transfer from the airport to the hotel at the best possible price and with all the guarantees.

In addition, since the stay is short, we will carry very little luggage and it will not prevent us from making a stop.

Budget hotel in Berlin

The hotel is the 'Days Inn Berlin City South'. It has three stars and is completely renovated inside. Very close to it, you will find the leisure areas or nightlife. Since it is located in the Neukölln neighborhood. From there, every time you go up for breakfast, you can see the best views of the city. A luxury that, in this case, we do have within our pocket.

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Discover Berlin in 2 days with our guides

It may never be too long to discover a city like this, but thanks to our advice you will be able to make the most of your time so that the two days of stay are as good as four. Without a doubt, the best way to discover the city in two days is hire a guided tour in Spanish. There are many options, so to help you a bit with the choice, below we offer you a list of the recommended guides that our readers liked the most:

When it comes to seeing the city, one of the places that you cannot miss can be seen as soon as you arrive in Berlin: the Brandenburg Gate. It was the old gateway to Berlin, it was inaugurated in 1791 and is currently a great tribute to peace.

Brandenburg Gate

After leaving the door behind, you can always walk up to the German Parliament, as it is quite close. To be able to enter it it is necessary that you make a prior reservation so it is best that before your trip you do it online. In this case we are facing a historic building that has a large dome. If you see Ebertsbrasse Street, it will guide you to the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. In this case, we will see more than 2.000 blocks made of concrete. Again, this is a tribute to all the Jews who were murdered in Europe. The remains of the Berlin Wall is another part of history that you can also visit.

Berlin in two days

Without a doubt, the next day you cannot miss a visit to the most famous square. The call Alexanderplatz It is one of the most touristic places in this city. There you will see the Television Tower and the world clock. It doesn't hurt that if you like to dig a little into history, visit some of the museums and end up with a bit of shopping. Of course we mention tourist squares, the streets are not far behind. Of all of them, we highlight the one known as Ku'Damm. There you will see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Do you want to discover all guides and activities available in Berlin? Here you have our complete catalog available to enjoy Berlin to the fullest and without wasting time

As we see, Berlin offers us a mixture of history and culture with another part of leisure and just as tourist. Something that can also be combined perfectly in two days. Don't you think?

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