Flights without destination to travel cheaper

The usual thing when thinking about vacations is plan a trip thoroughly, with a fixed destination. We refer to flights without destination, which are sought to travel cheaper. If we do not have a fixed destination we can adapt perfectly to the offers of each moment and thus discover a whole world of possibilities.

The flights without destination They can be searched through many Apps that are simply large-scale search engines that adapt to your dates and your filters so that you choose what suits you best, and by not having to stick to a fixed destination it is much easier to find offers of last minute.

Why travel without destination

It is true that we all have a specific country or area to which we want to travel more than others. But normally these trips are usually to very touristy places that are also quite expensive. Organizing one of these trips can take us time and we do not always have it, as well as taking a large part of our budget. It's okay leave the most important destinations for longer vacations. However, when we make short breaks or we have not been able to plan the trip in advance, it is a good idea to let yourself go and search among the flights without destination.

One of the great advantages of these flights is that we find amazing last minute deals to see all kinds of places, although they are not always the most popular. The fact that they are not the most popular does not mean that they are not interesting. In fact, it is possible to discover very beautiful places full of things to see that perhaps we had not taken into account when planning the holidays. These flights are usually much cheaper, because we simply choose a low-priced one that is currently on sale. On the other hand, it allows us to be more flexible when planning vacations. It's exciting heading to a place that we didn't know we would go to until recently. Here are some of the reasons to choose these great destination flights.

How to choose flights without destination

Flights without destination can be searched through the airline pages, although the truth is that it will take us much longer this way, because we will have to select the destination and look for the offers. Actually today there are much faster ways to find very cheap flights. There are comparators that perform fast searches through different pages and contain a large amount of data that is updated every day, so that we can see the offers at the moment to choose the one that best suits us in each getaway. These Apps can be installed directly on the mobile, so that it is much easier for us to access them at any time and place.

Apps to travel without destination

There are some App that we must take into account to be able to travel without destination. Carrying out a varied search will allow us to see offers of all kinds to choose the destination that finally most appeals to us or that has the best offer adjusting to our budget.


Without a doubt we start with an application that sounds like everyone. This application we show some filters to choose, like almost all, to better choose the destination. We put the airport of origin and use the filter of the dates to be able to find flights that adapt to our schedule. It is also possible to use other filters that make things easier for us. For example, you can search for flights that have stops, since there are many with stops that are really cheap, although it takes much longer. You can also adjust the schedules and choose companies, since some have requirements regarding luggage that we are not interested in anyway. With all these filters we can find that offer that is the most suitable for us.


This platform shows us Easyjet company flights. We set the filters as we do on other pages and the results are displayed very visually on a large map. In this way we can see destinations and prices easily. You can search for flights only for the weekend, making it a great option for quick getaways.

Google Flights

Google is the search engine par excellence and of course it also has its own flight search engine. The prices are usually adjusted to the realAlthough, as we can see, we do not always find very good offers, which are possible in other search engines, so in this sense it seems somewhat limited if we look for low cost flights.


This is another of those great platforms that everyone already knows when looking for flights, as well as accommodation. Has the cool Explore tool that allows you to see flights from your airport on a map, to easily view the cheapest destinations.

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