Holidays are coming! Tips to save on your trips after the coronavirus

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We have taken a step forward and, after experiencing the greatest health crisis due to the coronavirus, we deserve a break. Of course, taking into account that we do not want to leave the savings to ourselves, we propose a series of tips to save on your trips, that you can not miss.

Because we know that the pockets have been quite touched after these months. It is the right moment to tighten our belts but not to say goodbye to the vacation. We can follow a series of steps and we will see how it is possible to enjoy but without spending too much. Do you want to know how?

How to save on your trips: Choose nearby destinations

Proximity is a way to save in your travels and at the same time, to help everyone who needs it. Therefore, instead of going further, we bet on staying close to home. Whatever country you are from, surely there will be some place in it that you have not visited yet. Well, this will be the best time to indulge yourself! A way to re-launch the economy again and in it, you will find offers and options more affordable than you think. Both mountain and beach areas will be waiting for you and your family. Are you going to let them escape?

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Rural tourism, a great idea for your holidays

Away from crowds, it is another of the ideas that we love. In addition to that we will also find extensive offers in this sector. A sector that is already firing its reservations for the month of July. Perhaps the most important advantage to highlight in this saving is that you can arrive in your own vehicle. So we also avoid spending on plane tickets, for example. Once at your destination, you will have the option of being in contact with nature, hiking or practicing typical outdoor sports. Surely a stream is also waiting for you to take a good dip.

A card that helps you save more than you think

We have talked about destinations and practical options for travel after coronavirus. So, among them we could not forget one of the fundamental accessories. What is it about? From the Bnext card. A card that helps you save while you are planning your best vacations, if you are from Spain you can get the Bnext card totally free. On the one hand, to say that it does not charge you commissions even for paying in other currencies or withdrawing money from the ATM.

In addition to the fact that it is a card and an account that are free, you will forget to pay those taxes that the vast majority of banks do have. With Bnext you can withdraw money from any ATM both in Spain and abroad. But it is that in addition, you can also send or request money through this card, again free.

If you are from Mexico, you take 100 pesos free when hiring the Bnext card , which helps you with any type of online purchase (you have a virtual card available to make your payments even more secure) or other daily payments, in order to save a good pinch (with your physical card that also has technology contactless). In addition to saving on commissions, you can get cashback just for using Bnext to make payments on your favorite brands such as Spotify, Apple store ...

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Make a selection of the museums and free activities

Surely in your chosen destination there will also be places to see, that are free. Some of the museums have free tickets one day a week like Sunday, an option that we can also take advantage of. In other areas you will even have activities for groups or families for free or for reduced prices. So much it is only a matter of investigating a little the area that we are going to visit and for sure, that we will find very attractive options to consider.

Rent a motorhome

Even if you don't want to know much about being indoors, this is another concept for traveling. Because as we have mentioned that we want nearby destinations, it would not hurt to arrive with the car or with our house in tow. For all travelers who have one, congratulations and for those who do not, the rental will always remain. It will always depend on the model we choose but prices can start at 100 euros. Keep in mind that in it we will have absolutely everything we need, both to rest and to eat. Also, remember that for all these purchases, you have the Bnext card, which is always helpful.

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Book in advance

It is true that until a few days ago we could not take that step. But now that we know how everything is evolving, it is time to make reservations. So it doesn't hurt that we streamline the options and decide quickly. Is a good time to find offers and above all, to ensure that space that allows us to take that well-deserved rest, be it from July, August or even in September. Are we packing our bags?

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