How are the tolls in Portugal

Portugal tolls

Traveling to Portugal by car is very common if we come from Spain, so you have to know the options we have by road. Although it is possible to find roads without tolls, they are actually roads that take much longer. A great choice when visiting Portugal and moving from one place to another is to use the tolls. That is why we are going to see how the tolls in Portugal work.

These tolls are found along the highway and in many cases they do not work as in our community, so it is better to have an idea of ​​what we have to do. Only then can we plan in advance a trip by car in Portugal to see the main cities and points of interest.

How to pay the toll in Portugal

Until 2010 we had the same idea as here where there were booths to pay the toll in person. But since then they have been eliminated and it is paid in another way. There are many people who are confused when they see that there are no boothssince they don't know how they have to pay. However, the process is very simple. There are several ways to pay the highway in Portugal tolls.

Pay with electronic toll device

Portugal tolls

One of the ways to pay you have is to use an electronic toll device. This type of device can be bought in our country and they serve for our highway, being really useful. It is a very comfortable idea because with them we can also get discounts on regular routes and we can use them from Spain. If we have electronic toll collection purchased in places like Banco Santander, Banco Popular, Liberbank, Caja Rural or Abanca, among others, we can use it without any problem. In some areas we will hear the beep that it emits when the device passes, but it must be taken into account that in other areas it does not beep. That does not mean that it does not happen, since it is loaded anyway. This is one of the most comfortable alternatives that we can find, especially if we go frequently to Portugal or use the highway continuously.

Virtual prepaid card

Another way to pay the toll in Portugal is linking the car license plate to a card. This is done virtually, so that the card is linked to the registration and payments are charged. It can be done in the so-called EASYToll, the lanes in which we add the card at the same time that a camera reads the license plate and links them. This will continue to charge payments along the way. The bad thing is that we have this service on only some of its highways such as the A22, A24, A25 and A28.

Another way to pay is with the TollService. This service allows us to pay for three days or for specific journeys. It has a limit of three subscriptions per year and only in those that have electronic toll collection. This is a good option if we are going to make a short trip or if we are going, for example, to the airports of Porto or Lisbon. It has a very limited time but it is a great option for weekend getaways and round trips, so as not to have to take higher payments.

Other option that seems more comfortable is to use the TollCard, associating our registration with a prepayment that we make in advance online. There are amounts of up to 40 euros and its duration is one year, so it is much more profitable than other options. This will give us more freedom, although it is a good option if we plan to make long trips or more than three days.

What happens if tolls are not paid

Tolls in Portugal

Paying tolls in Portugal is as mandatory as in Spain and Failure to do so entails a tax offense that has high fines. There are many people who think that because there are no booths, you can just go through, avoiding payment. The problem is that there are cameras and everything is recorded, so if they stop us, they can make us pay up to ten times what we should pay. They are also authorized to mobilize your vehicle until the amount of the debt is paid. It is certainly not worth risking it, especially when we can make easy payments over the Internet.

How to know what I am going to pay

Tolls in Portugal

We may have a trip planned and have no idea what that toll could cost us. It is important, if we want to plan everything and know what we spend, that Let's also calculate what we spend with the car and the toll. That is why you can find tools on the Internet to find the exact cost of specific routes and the highways that we can take, since sometimes we have different alternatives.

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