How travel cancellation policies work

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Nowadays, many people book their vacations in advance, taking into account factors such as prior knowledge of the dates, special offers and discounts, etc. In this way, the sooner the holidays are prepared and booked, the price is reduced considerably.

However, booking vacations well in advance carries certain risks. It may be the case that personal or health problems prevent us from embarking on the trip on the scheduled date or that adverse weather conditions occur that cancel our flight or that there is political instability in the destination places. That is why it is important to know how travel cancellation policies work.

How to cancel the trip

Consumer rights vary depending on whether it is the traveler himself who cancels the vacation or whether it is the company in which the trip has been contracted that has decided to cancel it. In either of the two scenarios, it must be notified in writing and formally.

In case of having contracted the trip through a travel agency and the cancellation occurs due to force majeure, As a customer, you should know that you have the right to receive an equivalent replacement trip or a refund of the amount paid, in addition to compensation.

Likewise, apart from the cancellation of the trip, it may not have been carried out as announced in the advertising and the conditions of the contract or as agreed. In these cases it is essential to keep all the documentation, contracts and brochures that inform about the conditions in order to file a claim when the time comes.

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If you have been the one who has directly contracted the trip, you must take into account the following aspects:

How to cancel the hotel reservation

In the cancellation of our hotel reservation it is important to have previously informed about the specifications and cancellation conditions of each hotel, as they may vary both nationally and outside our borders.

When canceling the hotel reservation, two factors must be taken into account: the notice and the deposit. In the first place, depending on the time with which the cancellation is notified, the result will be different: there are hotels in which the reservation can be canceled within 24 hours with just one call, but not in all cases.

Regarding the deposit, in general, if the cancellation is notified 15 days before, the full amount will be returned to the client along with the deposit. After that period, the amount that is returned varies depending on the days with which it is notified. The full amount of the first night can be charged if the client does not notify, does not appear or there are only 24 hours of the period of entry into the hotel. If at no time the cancellation is notified, the establishment can charge the full amount of all the days of accommodation contracted.

In short, if you have to cancel a reservation, avoid waiting until the last minute. The sooner the better.

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How to cancel airline tickets

As in the previous case, the cancellation of the plane tickets depends on whether the airline is the one that cancels the flight (in which case it must compensate the clients if the cause is not justified) or it is the client.

If it is the customer who wishes to cancel the plane tickets, the regulations vary according to the airlines. Normally, if there are only 48 hours until the flight departure and the client wants to cancel, they will have a penalty and they will not refund the full amount of what they paid for the tickets.

Likewise, the ownership of the tickets can be modified or the date and time of the tickets can be changed but you can also suffer penalties and some costs depending on the airline with which you travel. The responsibility and obligations of the airline depend on the fare of the ticket purchased, therefore The most advisable thing is to buy a plane ticket that has flexibility to be able to make subsequent changes even if the price is a little higher. Worth.

Cancellations can become a big nuisance for travelers who have had to process one of them. To avoid unpleasant and stressful situations, before hiring we must be clear about what would happen in the event that we have to cancel the trip. Always check the conditions proposed by air companies, hotels, agencies, etc.

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