Leonese Fjords


The Leonese Fjords are an area located in Castilla y León which has become a really popular spot. They are known as fjords although it is really a simple reservoir located in Riaño that closely resembles the typical fjords and those photographs that we see of them, hence they are called the same and that it has become a landscape highly valued by visitors because it attracts attention.

These Leonese Fjords are part of the Cantabrian Mountains forming a huge limestone rock structure. It is a part that belongs to the Picos de Europa park, so it is undoubtedly a really interesting place to complete the visit to this natural space.

How we got to the Leonese Fjords

These beautiful Leon fjords are a really interesting space that can be reached from the city of León. It can be reached by taking the N-625 and the N-621 roads. From the Picos de Europa there are several roads that come directly to this place from Cangas de Onís and from Potes, making it a really easy area with easy access from various tourist spots in. In this way, it is an essential visit that we can do quickly in a day to see this place and stop quietly one morning or one afternoon. The Riaño mountain is located in the northeast of the community. It is part of the Picos de Europa and also of the Riaño and Mampodre Mountain Regional Park.

History of the fjords

Leon fjords

This place that today is very touristy and looks really impressive and beautiful was really listed as one of the environmental catastrophes in Spain in the XNUMXth century. This area with a lake was achieved with the action of man due to the reservoir created by what really is a landscape that has not been formed in a natural way. Under the waters that we see, nine ancient towns were flooded in the year 87, when the dam was inaugurated. Several monumental buildings were moved so that they were not lost, as well as two old granaries in the Asturleonian style. It was inaugurated after many protests and on the last day of the year because the next day a European regulation came into force that prohibited this type of project that had such an environmental impact. The project was finally carried out and the evicted people live in Nuevo Riaño.

Accommodation in Riaño

In the town of Riaño there is some accommodation if what we want is to stay in the area to enjoy the natural spaces with tranquility. There's a camping that offers good prices and also bungalows. On the other hand, in the town of Riaño there are some accommodations such as apartments, rural houses or a hotel.

What to see in Riaño


In this town we can see some interesting things such as the monuments that were transferred entirely from the ancient towns that were under water. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary It is located near the bridge on a small promontory that offers great views and a beautiful picture. It is a Romanesque temple from the XNUMXth century that was moved stone by stone to that area. Inside the church it is possible to see Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic paintings. The entrance is free and it is possible to find a guide and also some explanations of the history of the temple.

If you are in church you have the ideal point to start the Walk of Remembrance. This walk is a pedestrian path that surrounds the area of ​​the reservoir to enjoy great views. In this walk there are several benches with incredible views to take great photographs. Banks placed in strategic places are very famous today and that is why we can find them in areas from which to have the best views.

El Ethnographic Museum of Riaño is the place where the heritage of popular culture is displayed from the Leonese Mountain of Riaño. Hundreds of ancient pieces are exhibited in this museum, many donated by neighbors to create a point of interest in which to show their culture to visitors. At present you can also see some recreated environments such as the House of Smoke or a traditional forge. In the same square where the museum is located, you can also see other things such as a typical Leon hórreo, a colt to shoe cows and a shepherd's hut.

Leon fjords

In this landscape of the Leon fjords it is also possible to enjoy various viewpoints and hiking trails. Performing these various routes you will reach several viewpoints with great views. The Mirador de las Hazas and Valcayo are areas that can only be reached on foot, as they are dirt roads. It is an ideal route to be able to enjoy with the family and even with animals, in the middle of nature and with beautiful views of the fjords and mountains.

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