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London is a city that hides many things to see and do. A single visit does not usually arrive to see everything we want, but considering that the flights are not very expensive, it is always a possibility to return. If you have already seen the essentials, that is, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and all those places not to be missed, now you can make a list with places that maybe you didn't know existed.

La city ​​of London It is really big and in it it is possible to enjoy many places that in principle can go unnoticed in the tourist maelstrom. We always go to the typical places, but sometimes, to discover something special, we have to look at those visits that are not so popular but that can be just as interesting.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market is not one of the most popular markets, and certainly cannot compete in popularity with the one in Portobello or Camden, but it also has a lot to offer tourists. It is between Bricklane and Bishopsgate and is a victorian market with great charm, being originally the largest fruit market in the entire city. It opens every day of the week and has the peculiarity that each day is dedicated to different things, with Sunday open to all kinds of stalls, making it the busiest day.

The Wiston Churchill Bunker

Churchill Bunker

Near the famous 10 Downing Street is the old bunker in which Churchill, government officials and military commanders took refuge to make decisions in the course of World War II. It is undoubtedly an interesting visit, especially for history lovers who wish to see such an important place in the course of it. You can see the corridors, the rooms and even the Churchill's own bedroom.

Views from Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill

In this city it is very common to enjoy the good weather when the sun rises and to invade the parks that there are at different points. One of those that offers us the best panoramic views of the city ​​is Parliament Hill, located in the north of the city, on Hamsptead Heath. From it we can see places like the Cathedral of San Pablo in the distance while we rest or enjoy a picnic, although of course we must make sure we go in good weather to be able to enjoy these open spaces.

Saint James Park

St James Park

Whenever we talk about parks in London we remember Hyde Park, but there are tons of green acres in this city, some of which are real parks, and Saint James Park is the oldest royal park from the city. The good news is that it is located next to Buckingham Palace, one of the most essential visits to see the changing of the guard. It has a lake with two small islands, as well as small stalls to have a snack while we visit it.

Mudchute Urban Farm

Mudchute Farm

In this city there are many green spaces, but it is certainly striking that right next to the financial district and the modern skyscrapers of the city ​​in Canary Wharf we can find sheep, horses and other farm animals that enjoy great tranquility without knowing that they are in the middle of a busy city. This farm also has a riding school, so it can be an interesting visit if we go with children or if we love animals.

Little Venice

Little Venice

Wherever there is a channel it is always said that there is one little veniceAnd in London it is the same. In this city the canals do not really resemble those of Venice, if perhaps they are more similar to those of Amsterdam, but the truth is that it has been given this name. Here you can enjoy the pretty boats, some of which are houses, and a leisurely stroll that can start at Regent's Park and end at the Camden flea market. There are also some interesting cafes and it is possible to take a boat trip if we want to see the canal in a different way.

St Dunstan in the East

St Dunstan in the east

This was an old church that suffered the fire of 1666, it was built again by Sir Christopher Wren to be almost completely destroyed during the bombings of WWII. After this catastrophe, it was not rebuilt again, but left as is to become a beautiful gardens. Today it is a very beautiful place, an oasis in which to stop and rest without knowing whether we are in a garden or in a church. You can enjoy that feeling that nature always invades everything with the passage of time.

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