Mediterranean cruises

Mediterranean cruises

If you like the idea of take a vacation on a great Mediterranean cruise, then take note of what we tell you. Mediterranean cruises are very common for many things. There are all kinds of itineraries, stopovers are made in very interesting places like Barcelona, ​​Santorini or Marseille and we can also find a great variety of activities and entertainment on the boat.

Perform Mediterranean cruises is something hundreds of people do every year. A place with such great weather and so many places full of history and natural beauty attracts many tourists. But if you are going to organize your cruise you should know a few things, so as not to get lost with all the offers and itineraries.

When to travel to the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean offers a great climate throughout the year. Summers are very hot at certain points, so the best times are always autumn and spring, when the weather is a little milder. If we are going to cruise the Mediterranean, many people choose summer, so prices are usually higher at this time, since almost everyone has their holidays and can enjoy good weather. Whatever the season you go in, you can enjoy the cruise ship pools and a good swim in the different ports and staging areas.

What to bring on your cruise

Mediterranean cruises

On cruises you can do many things, so it is important to take into account what we should bring. Always have to have sunscreen, as it is common to sunbathe and use the pools, in addition to the fact that the Mediterranean sun can quickly tan us. On the other hand, we must wear both comfortable clothes and elegant clothes for a special occasion. Comfortable footwear is necessary, since in ports it is common to have to walk or go on excursions during the day that the cruise stops.

Types of Mediterranean cruises

Mediterranean cruises

In the Mediterranean you can choose two well differentiated areas. On one side is the Western Mediterranean, which has the coasts of Spain, with the famous Balearic Islands, France and Italy. On the other side we have eastern Italy, the Greek islands and Turkey. They are also very interesting but completely different destinations. A good way to choose one area or another is by thinking about what kind of cities we want to see. Barcelona, ​​Marseille, Ibiza or even Rome compared to places like Istanbul, Venice or Santorini.

The itineraries of each company clearly show us the places which will be visited, the cruise time and the stops and possible excursions. Once we have chosen an area, we will have to choose an itinerary in it. The first thing is to take into account the number of days we have. Then, among the possible itineraries, choose the one that you like the most. Look at the stops they make and also the time you can enjoy the cities and the excursions that can be done in that area.

Main stopovers on Mediterranean cruises

On Mediterranean cruises some scales stand out that attract a lot of attention to tourists and that are usually the main attractions of cruise ships. You have to find out what the stopovers may be because in a single cruise we can see several cities and points of interest that will not leave us indifferent and this is the greatest charm of the cruises.

Palma de Mallorca

Mediterranean cruises

This city, the capital, is one of the stopping points for many cruises in the Balearic Islands. In the city you can see places like the famous Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria known as La Seu in the Levantine Gothic style. It is located on the shore of the bay of Palma and both outside and inside it is truly spectacular. In the city you must also see the beautiful Bellver Castle, which has an interesting circular plan. Other things that can be visited are the Palacio de L'Almudaira or enjoy its beaches and its promenade.


This is another of the cities that may be among the cruise itineraries. Venice offers us places as interesting as the St. Mark's Square with its Basilica, the Doge's Palace or the great channels. The Rialto Bridge or the Bridge of Sighs are very romantic places that should not be missed.

Valletta in Malta

The small island of Malta may be another of the places that cruise ships offer. An island that offers us special places such as the beautiful city of La Valletta, with its old streets and its great charm, or Mdina, so old. We can also see the island of Gozo with its beaches and cliffs or the island of Comino with its famous Blue Lagoon.

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