North American Deserts: Vast Wastelands

desert-north america

The vast territory of North America It houses large natural spaces, in them it is worth highlighting the terrestrial geography of the deserts (Paradoxically, there are still uninhabited areas despite the high population density of Mexico and the United States).

Among the most important deserts in North America we must mention the largest open field in the northern part of the American continent, we are talking about Chihuahuan Desert and its 450 thousand square kilometers that rest in the area of ​​New Mexico, Texas, Chihuahua and Coahuila. It is true, this desert, unlike the image we have mentally, is not a sandy space. Rather, it is a desert of dirt and rocks where you can find a series of mountain ranges, mountains and even forests of plants that survive in extreme climates. The average temperature of this desert, compared to the African and Asian deserts, is not so intense, since maximum temperatures do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius on a summer day.

Sonoran Desert

Another of the great deserts of North America is the Sonoran Desert, which, like the Chihuahuan Desert, occupies Mexican and US territory, basically in the areas of Arizona, California and Sonora. However, the Sonoran Desert is much more relevant than the one previously named because of its large area of ​​311 thousand square kilometers.

Risking a hike around here is really a brave traveler's task, not because they are going to encounter dangerous animals but because of the fact that a hostile environment will have to be faced as this desert is considered the hottest in the world.

Mojave desert

Although the Sonoran Desert is one of the most impressive, the best known in all of North America is undoubtedly the Mojave desert, so depicted in Hollywood movies, especially the westerns that narrate the fights between cowboys and Indians. When we think of the Mojave Desert, mezcal, cacti and Jim Morrison's fascination (singer of The Doors) for the mind travels and hallucinogens performed in shamanic rituals in this desert also come to mind. To get there we must move to California, Utah, Nevada or Arizona.

Now that you know the deserts of North America, do you dare to take a different trip?

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