Ryanair extends its canceled flights until March 2018

Flights canceled until March 2018

A few days ago we sadly communicated that the Ryanair airline had canceled a large number of flights scheduled until October 28. Well, today we know that Ryanair extends its canceled flights no less than until March 2018. What does this mean? What will others be 400.000 passengers most affected since November, adding to the already large sum of cancellations for September and October.

So they made it known from a wide press release that you can read here! The same in which they summarize the reason for said cancellations and the airports that will be most affected by these cancellations.

Today, Ryanair has a total of 400 aircraft, of which 25 will stop working until the date indicated. This assumes that during the coming winter, will cancel a total of 34 routes, two of them with Spanish airports involved. This is no longer just for the passengers who bought these flight tickets, but also for the low-cost Irish company, as it has significantly lowered its growth forecasts.

For the summer of 2018, Ryanair plans to have a fleet of 445 aircraft in total and they already warn that of those, 10 of them will remain unemployed due to the same issue that concerns them today: the mess with the pilots' vacations.

But let's get to the most important thing: What Spanish flights or routes are so far implicated in these cancellations? According to the airline itself, they are Glasgow-Las Palmas and Sofia-Castellón. Ryanair has also ensured that such passengers have already been notified by email "offering them alternative flights or refunds" of their tickets. And they have all been compensated with coupons of 40 euros (80 in the case of roundtrip flights) so that they can fly with the company between October and March. Passengers who opt for this last option must book the ticket in October.

Canceled flight routes

Both for the Spanish readers who follow us and for those who follow us from outside our borders, here are all the routes canceled from November to March 2018:

  1. Bucharest - Palermo
  2. Sofia - Castellón
  3. Chania - Athens
  4. Sofia - Memmingen
  5. Chania - Paphos
  6. Sofia - Pisa
  7. Chania - Thessaloniki
  8. Sofia - Stockholm (NYO)
  9. Cologne - Berlin (SXF)
  10. Sofia - Venice (TSF)
  11. Edinburgh - Szczecin
  12. Thessaloniki - Bratislava
  13. Glasgow - Las Palmas
  14. Thessaloniki - Paris BVA
  15. Hamburg - Edinburgh
  16. Thessaloniki - Warsaw (WMI)
  17. Hamburg - Katowice
  18. Trapani - Baden Baden
  19. Hamburg - Oslo (TRF)
  20. Trapani - Frankfurt (HHN)
  21. Hamburg - Thessaloniki
  22. Trapani - Genoa
  23. Hamburg - Venice (TSF)
  24. Trapani - Krakow
  25. London (LGW) - Belfast
  26. Trapani - Parma
  27. London (STN) - Edinburgh
  28. Trapani - Rome FIU
  29. London (STN) - Glasgow
  30. Trapani - Trieste
  31. Newcastle - Faro
  32. Wroclaw - Warsaw
  33. Newcastle - Gdansk
  34. Gdansk - Warsaw

Questions answered by Ryanair

Next, we leave you with some of the most frequent questions that have been asked to Ryanair in recent weeks with the cancellations:

  • Will this A / L alignment problem repeat itself in 2018?
    Not because the A / L will be assigned for a full 12-month period in 2018.
  • Have all affected customers been informed of these changes to winter time?
    Yes, all affected customers have received email notifications today.
  • Are these time change clients entitled to EU261 compensation?
    No, since these schedule changes have been made 5 weeks to 5 months in advance, the EU261 compensation does not arise.
  • Will rates increase as a result of this slower growth?
    Ryanair will continue to reduce rates. A series of seat sales will roll out in the coming months starting with a 1 million seat sale this weekend at rates of € 9,99 one way.
  • Will there be more cancellations?
    This slower growth means that we will have spare aircraft and pilots left over through the winter and into the summer of 2018. In the last week we operated more than 16.000 flights with only 3 cancellations, 1 due to a runway closure and 2 due to adverse diversions.
  • How can I know if my flight has been affected?
    You will have received a flight change email from Ryanair either on Monday, September 18, or today, Wednesday, September 27.
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