Sancerre, a romantic getaway from Paris

Paris holds the title of the most romantic city in the world but still in its surroundings there are many destinations that can become romantic getaways. Is that everything Francia it is a marvel of landscapes, culture and flavors!

If you are in Paris with your partner but you need a broader view, nature, good wines and time for pampering then one of the options in terms of romantic getaways from Paris es SancerreDid you hear about this area of vineyards, hills and medieval villages?


Sancerre is a area located in the Loire Valley, on the eastern part, and it is synonymous with white wine although of course other varieties are also made. All, exquisite and you can include all of them in your romantic getaway ...

The area is dotted with medieval villages, fields decorated with wild flowers and vineyards. If you have a romantic image of the French countryside, then Sancerre will suit you like a glove. There are wineries that open their doors to the curious, charming guest houses here and there, farms that make cheese, cattle ...

If you rent a car you are in solo two hours from paris And the good thing is that there are never as many tourists as in other areas around the French capital. Especially if you go at the end of the summer or in another season of the year directly. On the other hand, if you already know the west of the Loire, with its famous castles, it is time to head east and discover these landscapes and their ancient settlements such as Quincy, Menetou-Salon or Reuilly. Or obviously, Sancerre herself.

In addition to this area Sancerre is in turn a medieval village built on top of a hill overlooking the Loire River. With Celtic and Roman past (in fact the name derives from «sacred to Caesar », Saint-cere, Sancerre), has had its Augustinian abbey, its fortress and its walls over time.

It is around here that the most touristy wineries, restaurants and hotels are concentrated, which make up the Wine Routes that you can follow on your romantic weekend.

You can base yourself in the village and dedicate yourself to getting to know some of its emblematic buildings: the Bell tower of St. Jean from the XNUMXth century, the last remaining medieval tower of the castle (there were six), the ruins of a church destroyed by the English and some old and historical houses that have been converted into hotels or restaurants. Its network of cobbled streets It is a delight to get lost walking and taking photos.

Around the main square there are many cafes and restaurants and it is in them that you can taste the local white wine, the Crotin. The most popular restaurant is La Tour whose menu is full of fresh local products, lots of fish and white wine, obviously, all served in a charming setting such as a medieval tower with great views.

There is also the House of Sancerre, for an museum very modern and impressive that has modern technology with holograms and everything to show the cultivation of the vine, its harvest and so on. There are large vineyards and other more modest ones to visit and it is better to know in advance which one you are interested in walking. If you don't have much idea then it is best to go early to the main square and ask at L'Aronde Sancerroise, an association that represents about twenty local vineyards and that can advise you and arrange the tour.

It must be said that Sancerre actually has two faces: one in summer and one in winter. In summer it has tourism because there are many Parisians who have a summer house here but the truth is that outside this season, as I said above, the area is very quiet. The beauty is still there and you can enjoy it better in solitude. Then there are many other activities not related to wine or goat cheese so tasty that it is made nearby (the best is in Chavignol).

I speak of Cycling, there is a picturesque route that follows an old railway line, or a canoe ride on the river to visit the tiny islands of the Loire. You can also go by bike to any of the nearby villages, Pouilly, given the case. If you have a rental car you can go further, to Guedelon, for example, just an hour away, to see how a castle is built with medieval techniques. How are you!?

Bourges It also offers us a fantastic medieval Gothic-style cathedral, impressive on the outside but marvelous on the inside with woods and chapels that seem to have been taken from a story. The Bourne It is very close, in case you are interested in the ceramics that have been produced here for at least a thousand years. As you can see, there is a lot to explore and although we are talking about a weekend you can enjoy four days or more here.

  • Where to stay- There are many options and they all depend on your pocket. The Hotel Le Panoramic has rooms from 55 euros and good views, La Chanelière is a very elegant hotel dating back to the 2006th century and has only eight rooms that look out over the countryside. There is also the Château de Beuajeu, overlooking the Sauldre river and from the XNUMXth century as well. Moulin des Vrieres is a B&B dating from XNUMX and for luxury there is the Prieurè Notre-Dame d'Orsan monastery, a boutique hotel surrounded by gardens, fruit trees, vineyards and rose bushes.
  • Where to eat: L'Esplanade is a cheap and tasty option in the main square, same as L'Ecurie. For a more luxurious dinner there is the Auberge de La Pomme d'Or in the Place de la Mairie and the one I named above, the La Tour restaurant (with a Michelin star).
  • What to eat: goat cheese (one of the best is made by the Chèvrerie des Gallands farm) and local wines. White wine is a classic (Domaine Gérard Boulay or Sébastien Riffault, for example, they are two very good vineyards), but you can also taste modern wines by Alexandre Bain who has converted his winery to biodynamics in 2004. It is followed by the Domaine Paul Cherrier, with just 14 hectares of organic farming and very affordable prices on its wine bottles, the Domaine Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy that offers a very instructive visit to the techniques of viticulture and the Domaine Martin in Chavignol.
  • Villages to know: among many, Menetou-Salon, Chavignol, Maimbray, Chaudoux, Bourges, La Bourne, Pouilly, Verdigny.
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