South America Falls: Impressive Waterfalls

South America Falls

South America is home to beautiful natural landscapes spread over coasts, mountains and jungles. Water, such a precious treasure today, travels across the continent through rivers, streams, springs, waterfalls and waterfalls. Precisely today we want to publicize the fabulous and impressive waterfalls that the Latin American continent has.

It is worth organizing a trip to these lands just to be able to see with your own eyes the wonders that nature offers us. Besides, in South America they know how wonderful the waterfalls are and there are hotels who organize trips departing from the hotel in order to facilitate the trip and visit to their clients.

Next I am going to show you some of these waterfalls that, in addition to being incredible, are impressive and that if you see them live, you will not remain indifferent. It will be an experience that will remain engraved in your mind and heart for a lifetime!

Iguazu falls

Iguazu waterfall

Without a doubt, the most imposing of all and considered the highest in the world are the Iguazú Falls. These falls are a true gift of nature between Brazil and Argentina that many people have been lucky enough to see live, why should you be better? They are worth seeing!

In the province of Misiones, exactly in the gaucho part, and in the Parque Nacional do Iguacu, in Paraná in the Rio area. if you dare to visit these 275 waterfalls 80 meters high, We recommend you go during the season from October to December to be able to take boat rides under the waterfalls without rain problems. You will be so amazed that you will only want to save to have the opportunity to return accompanied by your loved ones and that they can contemplate this wonder of nature.

The devils throat

Devil's throat

The most impressive waterfall of all is the Garganta del Diablo. In front of this great waterfall there is a viewpoint bridge from where tourists generally take the opportunity to capture the most impressive images with their cameras.

And it is that it is not for less, with new technologies and mobile phones and cameras that can get wet without breaking or spoiling, it is worth capturing such an incredible snapshot that you later want to transform into a canvas and enjoy in the decoration of your home . Who doesn't like the idea of ​​remembering a fantastic trip with an incredible self-taken image?

The Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur waterfall

Let's change geographical area and go to Guyana. One of the most touristic attractions of this territory are its fabulous Kaieteur Falls, considered by many as one of the most spectacular in the world for its 226 meter high free fall. Can you imagine how tall they are? It is enough to compare them with Niagara Falls to know that they are 5 times higher... seeing them live is a true spectacle of water, wind and wonders!

The angel's Jump

Cataract of the Saint of the Angel

From Guyana we will move to a nearby territory, to Venezuela, specifically to the Canaima National Park to know its maximum natural exponent: The Angel Falls and its 979 meters high, and therefore the highest waterfall in the world. The name already gives us a glimpse of how this type of waterfall should be, and how spectacular it will be. So impressive that it would take a large camera and a lot of distance to be able to capture its magnitude.

The blue waterfall

In Ecuador we come across the Shishink Nature Reserve and its Blue Waterfall. Although it is not really impressive in size (25 meters high), it is still worth visiting to see its great beauty. Who says a relatively small waterfall can't be full of splendor? And it is that the majesty of nature does not understand sizes, it gives us the opportunity to contemplate its beauty.

Some waterfalls in Peru

Peru waterfalls

If you travel to Peru, you should spend an extra day on your visit to see mountain waterfalls such as the Velo de Ángel with its 28-meter free fall, the Enchanted Mermaid and its 70 meters high or the San Miguel Waterfall with its 100 meters high. However, the one that stands out the most in the mountains is the Parijaro Waterfall with its 250 meters high, located in the Otishi National Park.

In the jungle area we find waterfalls such as the smiling and crystalline waters of Ahuashiyacu, the Veil of the Bride Waterfall, or the Tirol Waterfalls. The Peruvian coast is not far behind and shows us its natural greatness with the Pala Cala Waterfall, 20 meters high.

They are worth seeing

And it is that if you really want to see such a beautiful spectacle, the best thing you can do is look for a long vacation to be able to enjoy a good waterfall route, but of course... this would mean that in addition to having a lot of time, you must also have a good economic fund to be able to pay for your accommodation, travel from one place to another, food... and if If you travel from Spain you will have to have a good amount of money saved because air travel is not usually very cheap.

But once you make up your mind and start organizing your trip, you have the accommodation or the way to stay agreed and you feel that little by little the day of your trip is approaching... you will undoubtedly begin to feel the nerves of such an important trip, to know places as incredible as the waterfalls of this type.

Also, a tip that I give you (as I told you at the beginning of this article) is that if you want to enjoy these wonders that nature offers you, do it with an organized trip by a company specialized in this type of visits. Another idea to get to know these places is to go with your loved ones. Enjoying these spectacles of nature with your closest family and friends is an experience that you will undoubtedly live as unforgettable.

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  1.   lucilla said

    thank you. For your fascinating information, Peru is not left behind, it does not have many fabulous and great waterfalls-
    Peru you are great!

  2.   Fernando said

    In Peru, one of the waterfalls that enjoys great height is the Gocta Waterfall, with its approximately 771 meters high, it is currently considered one of the five highest in the world.
    In addition, its location in the middle of the Amazon jungle makes it a wonder of nature that deserves to be known and cared for by all who visit it.