The best apps for traveling

Apps to travel

We spend the day glued to our phones, and although there are those who do not understand it, the truth is that today there are so many interesting applications that it is difficult not to be entertained with these devices. If you are planning your next vacation, you can receive a very useful help of the Apps to travel. A great idea that makes life easier in many ways.

When we talk about Apps to travel we are not only going to talk about those applications in which to search for flights and accommodation, but also about those that they can be very functional when you arrive to destination. There are many things that can go wrong on a trip, we all know it, but with certain apps you will see that everything will be easier and the trip will always be a success.

Most popular apps

Apps for traveling, Booking

  • Booking : The website is probably already familiar to you, and now they have the application to find hotels around the world with your mobile. It filters the price, the type of accommodation or the services you want and shows you many results. In addition, you can book from your mobile, very comfortably.

Apps for traveling, Kayak

  • Kayak: This is another of the most popular travel Apps out there, with a website that everyone already visits. It is used to organize flight, hotel or car rental offers, so that you can find the best price. On the mobile it redirects you to the page where there is the offer.

Apps to organize the trip

Travel apps, Hooper

  • Hooper: A less known App, but quite a surprise for many. Not only can you find the flights to the destination you mark from the different companies, looking for the best offer, but it also predicts the fluctuations in the prices of the companies, indicating the best time to take the tickets and save much more.

Travel apps, Skyscanner

  • Skyscanner: Another application for quick search of flights with the best prices. You put the site and it offers you good prices comparing between companies. It is simple and intuitive.

Travel apps, Skypicker

  • Skypicker: Although the previous App is easy to use, on many occasions we see how ads and excess elements distract us. This App only brings the essentials, so it is perfect for those who are looking for things to be clear. You can search for prices according to your destination, or search for suggestions of destinations for a maximum price depending on your origin. It is a way to make quick trips without getting too complicated.

Apps for travel, Airbnb

  • Airbnb: For those looking for accommodation without spending too much. This App is ideal for those who want to live different adventures. In it there are ads of people who have space in their houses and apartments, so they offer low cost accommodation. Ideal if we like the most adventurous and backpacking style, as well as meeting people.

Apps at destination

Apps to travel, arounme

  • Around Me: Like any good tourist, you have the most emblematic places to visit. But sometimes this facet so artificial and oriented to the tourism of the cities or vacation areas tires you. Well, with Around me you can find those spaces that are unique and that do not appear in the typical travel guides, to surprise you with the best of each place and not miss the most authentic.

Travel apps, Foursquare

  • FourSquare: Surely this App sounds familiar to you and is that a while ago perhaps it sounded a little louder. It is still useful to find recommendations for places to go and not to, and you can also give your opinion on restaurants and entertainment venues.

Travel apps, Word Lens

  • Word Lens: How many times have you come across that you do not understand posters on your vacation. Well, even if you don't know the language today, there are applications as useful as this one. If you use it and put your mobile on the poster, it translates what it says. Very useful if we have a language barrier.

Travel apps, City Maps 2 go

  • City Maps 2 Go: we have all the Apps but there will be certain times when we will not have a connection, something that happens often. Well, with this application you can have the maps of the city even if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi, avoiding getting lost.

Apps to go camping

Apps for traveling, Ilovecamping

  • Ilovecamping: If you prefer to go camping, with this application you have a guide with more than a thousand campsites in Spain. You have from location to rates, services or photos. You can also find last minute deals.

Apps for traveling, Camping Check

  • Camping Check: In this App you have more than 600 different campsites throughout Europe, in case we go a little further. The operation is similar to the previous one, since it shows us results according to the location.

Specific apps

Travel apps, Camino 360

  • Way 360: If you are going to do the Camino de Santiago, here you have a great interactive guide, which also won the award for the best national tourism App at The App Tourism Awards 2016 organized at FITUR. It is a guide that allows us to interact but in a peculiar format, as if it were a movie.

Travel apps, Bus guru

  • Bus Guru: If you are going to travel to London or spend a stay there, this App can be very useful when it comes to understanding the bus lines. Reading and understanding the canopies is sometimes complicated, and also with this App you will see how long it takes for the correct bus to arrive.



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