The measurements of the suitcase to take in the cabin change

suitcase measures

Every day more airline passengers choose to carry only hand luggage when traveling. An alternative that allows you to not check-in and leave the airport directly without having to wait for your suitcases to leave. However, the problem of wearing only hand luggage It arises when we are not allowed to access the cabin due to exceeding the measures established by the airline, causing not only a problem for the affected passenger but also for the rest because long queues form at the airport.

Perhaps this is the reason why the International Air Transport Association, has decided to unify the measures allowed by all airlines for so-called "trolleys". The initiative is not without controversy and many have seen more economic than practical interests behind this idea.

From the International Air Transport Association they assure that they are already working on a suitcase with a size of 55 x 35 x 20 cm, which would mean that, in this way, everyone would have the opportunity to store their hand luggage on board. the airplanes. The 'IATA Cabin OK' logo would validate the established measurements and ensure both the traveler and the company that they adhere to the optimal size guidelines.

These suitcases with the established measurements and labels are expected to start arriving in stores later this year. However, many see this initiative as a way to force passengers to dispose of their old suitcases and buy a new one. On the other hand, there are also those who believe that since the new suitcase measurements are so small, there is hardly any luggage in them, which will force passengers to check in and pay more money if they want to carry something else.

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