The most common doubts about flights with stops

flights with stopovers

Traveling is often fun, but it can also be stressful, especially if you travel far and have a flight with stops. We all prefer a direct flight, but it is not always possible and then doubts arise.

Will we know how to navigate the airport that we don't know? Will the next flight leave on time? Isn't the time between arriving and leaving again very short? Will I arrive on time or will I lose my connection?! Behold the most common doubts about flights with stops.

Flights with stops and flights with connections

Flights with stops and connections

Flights with stops are common when the destination is on the other side of the world from where you live. For example, you live in South America and travel to Asia. The stopover is absolutely necessary in these cases since the flights exceed 30 hours.

On other occasions flights with stops are simply cheaper, and when we travel we want to save on something to accommodate our budget. But layovers can worry us or dampen our enthusiasm, because hanging around an airport for seven or eight hours, or more, isn't much fun.

Then the questions appear: Can I leave the airport if I have to wait for many hours?Can I stay a few hours in a cheap hotel to even take a nap? Or, also, I have very little layover time and I'm super nervous because any delay in my first flight will mean that I won't make it to the second... And check-in?


First things first, you have to know differentiate between a scale and a connection. Is not the same, A flight with a stopover is when the plane lands one or more times on its route to the final destination. He does it to load new passengers or fuel. You don't get off the plane and they are known as a "Technical stop".

In reverse, A connecting flight is when you get off the plane at some intermediate point on the route, wait a while and take another time to your final destination. It is on these types of flights that if the layover is very long you could leave the airport and do some sightseeing to kill time.

What can I do on a flight with a connection of many hours?

Flights with long connections

Leaving the airport does not depend only on the layover hours. I have spent seven hours in Houston without being able to leave, for example. So It depends on the country where the plane stops, what are the airport rules, how long does the scale last itself and most importantly, what are the immigration requirements of said nation.

So, it is always a good idea to find out these questions if you buy a flight with a connection and wait for many hours. Of course, the wait must be long because Leaving the airport and re-entering involves a whole process, go through customs and immigration twice, and if that occurs to many other people as well, it won't be short. There are airports with a lot of traffic and that affects all the normal operations of the place.

Many airlines know that their connecting flights have long wait times and offer their passengers enough time to explore, but please don't relax as airports are usually not in the center of cities or their tourist attractions. . A good calculation and a good list of what you want to do are essential to be efficient. How long is the minimum time to move with a safety margin? about seven hours, from now on.

Flights with stops, information

So, another important thing is to know What type of visa does the country where you make the connection stop require?. Depending on your own nationality you will not need, or yes, a tourist or transit visa such as those granted by China, Russia or Cuba, for example.

Y If you don't have time, money or desire to go out, what can you do on a long layover? Nothingness itself, wandering aimlessly through the area of ​​the airport where you landed, eating, finding a good chair to stretch out or, depending on the airport, paying for a hotel room and resting.

Check-in for flights with a stopover or connection

flights with stopovers

What happens with connecting flight check-in? Nothing, well the same It is done online before taking the flight from the company's website or application. The system is very simple and guides you, checking in for each flight you are going to take, even giving you the possibility of upgrading your seat by purchasing better places on the plane. One by one you check in and that's it.

If your intention is to stay a few days in the city where you make the connection and you want the suitcases, you must notify the airline when checking in at the airport. But first I advise you to find out, since airlines usually have a policy on this matter. So, you find out, notify and always check that your luggage tag says the city in which you are going to need it.

The important thing about all this, about flights with a stopover or connection, is know what we are buying, especially when we do it through metasearch engines. We must be attentive and review the waits and the time between stops to organize ourselves better. I know people who have traveled to the United States and have missed connecting flight because the time was an hour and a half and there were delays in between. In high season the danger of this happening is high, so be careful!

Leaving the airport on a connecting flight

Leaving the airport on a connecting flight

There are airports/cities that seem made for stopovers and connections. For example, Doha and Dubai. The airports of these modern cities are the common stopover on flights between America and Asia or Europe and Asia, and Arab airlines sometimes offer free tours to know them. I haven't had that luck, but I have friends who, on their trip to Thailand, took them for a taxi ride around Dubai.

He also has this habit Singapore, you can process the temporary visa and go out to see the city by taking the metro, nothing more. And of course, Madrid with your program Stopover Madrid which allows passengers to enjoy the city for up to six nights without overcharging and with discounts on activities and accommodation.

Finally, if you organize the stopovers on your own, that is, you buy the air tickets separately, putting together the trip and the route to your liking, you already know that it will take you more time at the airports: removing the luggage, leaving the airport, return, bill it again, do the corresponding check-ins each at their corresponding time and everything else. If you did the math and it works out cheaper, congratulations.

And if you opt for the airline organization then don't forget to carry the most important things in your backpack or carry-on suitcase, what you want to have with you. Luggage is often lost or delayed in delivery precisely on connecting flights, so you don't want to be left with nothing if that recurring traveler's nightmare happens to you: being there on the luggage carousel waiting for a suitcase that never appears.

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