What clothes to bring to a cruise?


This is the million dollar question that every traveler asks when faced with the challenge of packing weeks or days before starting their vacation. Although it may seem like something without too much importance, in truth choosing the right clothes and accessories is decisive for our comfort and well-being during the trip. Also on a cruise.

The answer to this question is found taking into account factors such as the type of cruise we are going to make, the means of transport we choose to go to the port, the inclement weather of the cities to be visited as well as the cruise company chosen, among others.

According to the transport to the port

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Traveling with more or less suitcases may be conditioned by the number of suitcases that we can carry in the means of transport to go to the port. However, we must bear in mind that it is not necessary to wear more clothes than we are actually going to wear.

  • Train: If we choose this means of transport, normally the luggage allowed is one small suitcase and two large suitcases, so we have a certain margin to carry everything we need.
  • Car: The advantage of going to the port by this means is that there will be no one to limit the size and weight of our luggage. It will only influence the storage capacity of the vehicle and the rules of the shipping company regarding the luggage allowed, which is usually two large suitcases per passenger.
  • Plane: Airlines are stricter when it comes to allowing more or less luggage. Depending on the ticket purchased and the company, the passenger may have certain limitations regarding the number or size of suitcases, which may limit the possibilities of clothing to travel.

According to the cruise route

Cruise tips

Since it is not the same to take a cruise through the Norwegian fjords than the Caribbean, A good tip is to check the weather forecast a few days before the date of our departure to adapt our luggage at the time you are going to do during the cruise.

For example, in the cruises that are made in the Caribbean, less luggage will be needed since the clothes for summer take up less space than the clothes for a country with low temperatures such as Norway, where in addition the climate varies a lot throughout the day and there may even be torrential rains.

Another issue to take into account is the culture of the different countries that we are going to visit during the trip. Suppose that the cruise takes place in the Mediterranean, in this case we will need clothes that help us to cover certain parts of the body in Islamic countries because there are strict rules of clothing or garments that allow us to access museums or other public places that require certain labels.

According to the theme parties of the cruise

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The shipping companies usually hold several theme parties throughout the cruise to liven up the nights so that passengers can enjoy the high seas meeting other people, dancing and listening to good music.

Some of the best known theme parties are the white party (where travelers dress in this color from head to toe), the flower party (oriented to the hippie theme where flowers and other prints from the 70s are essential) or the costume party (where travelers have to use their imagination to make a costume with the clothes they have in their suitcase).

When it comes to participating in these events It is advisable to contact the shipping company or travel agent to ask about the parties and events planned on the cruise and thus have a better idea of ​​the clothes to include in the suitcases for these types of events. As always, all this is optional and you can go to the theme parties of the cruise without necessarily having to dress up, you just need the desire to have fun.

What clothes to take on a cruise according to the destination?

Cruises on the Perito Moreno


It is essential to wear light-colored and light-colored clothing to combat the heat, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect ourselves from the high temperatures. However, it is also advisable to wear a long-sleeved garment and a raincoat in case of a sporadic storm. or in case the air conditioning inside the boat runs too high.

Mediterranean coast

It is one of the most complex regions to pack a suitcase. ANDhe Mediterranean has sun and beach destinations but also large and monumental cities. That is why it is convenient to wear both casual clothes and elegant clothes. And of course, comfortable shoes to walk through the streets and ports.

Northern Europe and fjords

It is essential to include warm clothes to visit northern Europe on a cruise. Especially garments that can be combined with layers, long sleeves and a raincoat for the rain.

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