Write down these tips if you are going to travel to Vietnam with or without a visa

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You have thought travel to vietnam? Then you may be presented with questions such as whether you need a visa or a specific vaccine and many others, which may cause us concern. For this reason, nothing like a series of basic tips, so you can relax and enjoy your wonderful trip.

Doubts are always common when we pack and go The other side of the world. The best thing is to have everything clear and leave it tied, before embarking on a new adventure. Vietnam is the desire of many tourists and we are not surprised. Do you want to find out for yourself?

Do I need a visa to travel to Vietnam?

It is one of those most frequent doubts and it is no wonder. But keep in mind that if you have spanish passport and your stay in that country is less than 15 days, then you will not need apply for Vietnam visa. If you exceed these days mentioned, then you have several modalities. On the one hand, the one for stays of one month that will be valid both for the airport and for other types of borders, while the other option is for stays of three months. In this case, it will only be applicable for the airport.

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Basic requirements to process the visa

We must always bear in mind that each country may have its own requirements. Therefore, it cannot be generalized and it is convenient that we always look for the information on the website of the embassy of Vietnam in our country. Since, for example, for Argentina it is mandatory to have to obtain a visa, but with Italian nationality Yes, it can welcome you at the same point as with the Spanish passport and enter without a visa for 15 days. Knowing this, remember that as basic requirements we need the passport to be at least 6 months old. We will also fill out a form provided by the embassy and a passport-type photo will be delivered. You can also request a reservation in a destination accommodation and not have been expelled from Vietnam in the last three years.

Vaccinations before traveling to Vietnam

If you already have your visa, if necessary and you really want to travel, you should know that there is no mandatory vaccinations. But as often happens, there are some that are recommended. These include yellow fever or hepatitis A as well as B, as well as typhoid fever. Mosquito repellent is always very necessary as well as carrying a kit with some ibuprofen, in case it is necessary.


Can I apply for a visa online?

Today, with the internet at our disposal, everything is simpler. Therefore, they already exist web pages from which to process this procedure. You can do it 24 hours a day, thanks to digital requests. In them you will write your data and pay the required amount. Of course, as long as you meet the requirements, since if you want to be in the country for more than a month, then you will have to go to the embassy.

Always take out travel insurance

It is true that some points always have to be very clear before traveling. One of them is the Vietnam visa requirements and another, to take out travel insurance. Because we never know what can happen during or while there. As we can well think, the issue of doctors and health is quite expensive in certain parts of the world. Are we going to risk that? The best thing is not.

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Opt for the backpack

It is true that we are used to suitcases, but the truth is that this trip to Vietnam will be more comfortable if we allow ourselves to be carried by a backpack. As transporting suitcases is not always easy in its streets. Of course, all this is always to the taste of the traveler.

Money in Vietnam

Its currency is the dong, so one euro would be 27.000 dong. You will find quite a lot of bills in hand, but as we see, the change is quite affordable. So you can eat for just over one euro, in the many stalls that you will find. So you can save on your trip to Vietnam. If you find it a bit difficult to think about change, nothing like using a mobile application. Do you have the visa to travel to Vietnam and clear the other indications? Then it is time to enjoy the well-deserved vacation.

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