A honeymoon for every season of the year

The honeymoon is that unique and unrepeatable trip that the newly married couples will make after the wedding to a mainly exotic destination where they can enjoy a true paradise on Earth for a few days. Normally the bride and groom prefer to make this trip in good weather after the wedding, which for the most part usually takes place between May and October.

The destination chosen for the honeymoon cannot only be determined by the tastes of the couple. In order to avoid meteorological surprises (monsoons or rainy season and winter cold in the southern hemisphere), the bride and groom must choose the destination taking into account the wedding date, because the adventure usually begins after a few days.

If you are immersed in your wedding preparations and are looking for information to organize your honeymoon, we recommend that you read the following post as we will talk about the ideal destinations for each time of year.

Summer: Indonesia, Oceania and Africa


Most couples go through the altar in the hot months of the year, so countries like Botswana, Indonesia, Mozambique, Australia, Tanzania, Fixed, Samoa and Polynesia are top destinations from June to October due to mild temperatures and the absence of rain. 

For example, the islands of the South Seas and Indonesia are in their winter so it is not excessively hot and there is no rain. Also, it is a good time to go on a safari in Africa. In these months it does not rain in countries such as Mozambique, Botswana or Tanzania and the absence of rainfall makes the wild animals concentrate in permanent water areas and it is easier to contemplate them. Finally, the Fiji Islands are in the dry season so the climate is mild and there is less risk of tropical cyclones and rainfall. In addition, it is a paradise of crystal clear waters and white sand.

Autumn: Vietnam and India

Taj Mahal in profile

Since India is a large country, there is not a perfect time to visit its entire territory, but we could say that at the end of autumn the monsoon is over and the temperatures are more pleasant. It is one of the most requested destinations to visit during the honeymoon for the magic of its palaces, the contrast between cultures, its rich gastronomy and the beauty of its landscapes.

For its part, a good time to get to know Vietnam is from the beginning of autumn until April. A charming country that dazzles with its extensive natural heritage, its first-class gastronomy and its deep-rooted traditions.


Winter: Latin America, Maldives and Kenya

Resort in the Maldives

The best season to enjoy the Maldives Islands is winter, specifically from December to May. Its usual 28 degrees and its dream beaches make this country the ideal place to rest and enjoy the sun after the wedding.

For more adventurous couples, three very interesting destinations can be Kenya, Chile and Costa Rica. This African country is a good place for those who have chosen winter to get married and a true magnet for those looking for a combination of exoticism and adventure on their honeymoon. Some of the most unforgettable activities that can be done here are staying in one of the Swahili cabins on Lamu Island, touring the valleys and wild forests, sleeping under the stars in a cabin perched in a tree or going on a safari to see the natural sanctuaries of the country.

For its part, Chile is a spectacular country where the newlyweds will find a very contrasted nature between the incredible Andes mountain range, the southern glaciers and the northern desert. Some of the most spectacular places to visit during the honeymoon in Chile are the Atacama desert, Easter Island, Viña del Mar, Puerto Varas or the capital Santiago de Chile.

January to June is also a good time to discover Costa Rica, the safest country in Central America. Its dry season is the best to travel all its territory and be seduced by its beaches and its exotic jungles.


The natural wealth of Costa Rica is one of the main attractions for ecotourism lovers. Bathed by the warm and clean waters of the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the country is full of beautiful places to enjoy nature in its purest form.

Spring: Japan

Travel in 2016 to Mount Fuji

From March to May and especially April is a wonderful time to get to know Japan as the cherry trees begin to bloom and the country becomes an incredible garden. A unique opportunity to visit the beautiful Asian gardens or relax in its hot springs.

Since Japan is not a very big country, it is easy to combine a day of shopping and city visits to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of large Japanese towns with a day of excursions and visits to its natural parks and rural areas.

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