Abandoned cities

Our abandoned cities They are not, in principle, the most chosen holiday destination. They are places that, for one reason or another, were left by their inhabitants and no one ever returned to them. But today its buildings and facilities survive in a decay that gives them a ghostly appearance.

An nuclear catastrophe, The aftermath of a war or Depletion of natural resources that originated its construction, are some of the reasons why these places were left uninhabited. As your visit is a different way of doing tourism, we are going to tell you about some of the most famous abandoned cities in the world.

Abandoned cities, specters of loneliness

We will start our peculiar tour in Ukraine to end it in Spain. Along the way, we will visit France, Japan or the icy Norway. Without further ado, let's begin our journey.

1.- Pripyat, the effects of Chernobyl

This Ukrainian city was built to house the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, sadly famous for the accident in 1986. Since then, it has remained uninhabited for fear of radioactivity. But their houses and facilities are still standing showing a decline that seems to remind us that nuclear energy is not a game.


Abandoned city of Pripyat

2.- Oradour-sur-Glane, silent witness of the war

In 1944, German troops perpetrated a massacre in this French town. They killed 642 people, men, women and children. After the war, the French built a new town near the old one, leaving it as living proof of barbarism. As we will see, something similar was done in Spain after the Civil War.

3.- Bodie, the ambition to get rich

Located California, this town was one of the many that were built to give shelter to those who arrived attracted by the Golden fever that was unleashed at the end of the 20th century in the area. In a short time, it grew from 10 to 000 inhabitants and came to produce almost half a million dollars a month in this precious metal. However, already in the XNUMXth century it fell into decline and, since then, it has remained abandoned.

4.- Gunkanjima, a «Battleship Island» among the abandoned cities

This Japanese town receives such a name because it is a piece of land in the middle of the sea where no one would have thought to live. In addition, typhoons in the area are common, so it was surrounded by imposing walls to prevent damage.

However, it had a wealth: charcoal. To exploit his mine, workers and their families were taken and a town was built on the island. It must have been claustrophobic, since it is only about four hundred percent one hundred fifty meters tall. The town was left uninhabited in 1974 when the mine was closed. However, this is Heritage.

5.- Pyramiden, another example of cities abandoned for economic reasons

Like the previous one, the Norwegian town of Pyramiden was built to house coal mine workers and their families. As early as 1927, the city was sold to the Soviets who brought their own citizens to work on the industrial facility. There they came to live about a thousand people until the mine closed in 1998 causing everyone to leave.

Abandoned city of Pyramiden


6.- Bhangarh, the curse of a guru

Built in the XNUMXth century, this city of India lived a time of splendor under the rule of the legendary Maharaja bahgwant das, who ordered the building of sumptuous palaces. But, following the legend, a guru opposed to this power cast a curse on the town.

According to belief, some kind of natural disaster made the population leave. However, what is known with certainty is that it was conquered in 1720 falling into decline until finally being abandoned by its inhabitants.

7.- Herculaneum, devastated by Vesuvius

The abandoned city of Herculaneum in southern Italy, is one of the most famous in the world. The eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD he made the few survivors leave it. Although, actually, the vast majority of its inhabitants died there.

Since then, it has never been populated again. And this has served so that current visitors can see, almost entirely, what was the daily life from a Latin city two thousand years ago.

8.- Craco, a ghost town on top of a promontory

We follow in Italy to show you another abandoned city that, to its desolate appearance, adds the fact that it is located on a promontory in which it seems to make impossible balances. In the Middle Ages It was a prosperous town inhabited by almost four thousand people, with noble palaces and even a university. Its last inhabitants left it in 1922 and now its abandoned buildings observe us from above with an unmistakable aura of mystery.

9.- Kayaköy, an abandoned city turned into a museum

Also known as livissi, this ghost town is located eight kilometers from Fethiye, in the southwest of Türkiye. It lived its period of splendor at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, when it had about six thousand inhabitants.

View of Kayaköy

Abandoned city of Kayaköy

However, after the war between the Turks and Greeks, it was abandoned in 1922. Currently, it works as Outdoor museum, with its hundreds of Greek-style dwellings and churches. Some have even been restored.

10.- Belchite, victim of the battle of the Ebro

The location Zaragoza de Belchite was a prosperous town before the Civil War. However, during the war it became the scene of one of the most terrible battles of the same: that of the Ebro.

After it, it was completely destroyed and a new town was built, leaving the old one as a silent witness to the barbarity of war. It is not the only town of this type that you can see in Spain. They are also very famous Brunete, in the province of Madrid, and Corbera d'Ebre, in Tarragona.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the best known abandoned cities in the world. However, there are many others. For example, the call City 404, which did not even have a name because it was built in the middle of the Gobi desert by the Government of China to house the workers who were going to test with atomic bombs. OR Saint elmo, another victim of the North American gold rush, and Epecuen, an old Argentine tourist village. There are so many that, if you want to know one, you will probably find it in your own region.



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