How to access the airport VIP lounges?

When it comes to traveling, especially when we have to take a connecting plane to reach our destination, the very long waits can become the worst face of a flight.

Although we look for ways to entertain ourselves during the waiting hours, it seems that time does not pass and our body never finishes accommodating itself to the seats of the conventional waiting rooms. Not to mention that sometimes it is difficult to find a space to sit down to rest and leave the bundles that accompany us.

However, things are very different in airport VIP lounges. They are equipped with all the comforts: soft sofas and seats, Internet access, a good selection of the best coffees ... There are even some that go a step further and have extensive buffets, huge aquariums, Finnish saunas and even medical clinics.

But how can we enjoy these incredible lounges to make waiting times at airports a pleasure? Keep reading!

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is the best option to forget about conventional waiting rooms and it has come to be defined as one of the most common programs among passengers around the world. Especially for those who travel often.

With it, you can quickly access more than a thousand VIP lounges around the world. The Priority Pass has three perfectly differentiated rates according to the clients' budget.

  • Prestige: Includes visits to unlimited VIP rooms. Cost per year of 399 euros.
  • Standard Plus: 10 free visits to VIP lounges with an annual cost of 249 euros. Additional visits cost 24 euros.
  • Standard rate: This pass is priced at 99 euros per year with a charge of 24 euros each time you want to use a VIP room.

Airline loyalty programs

Thanks to airline loyalty programs we can enjoy stopovers with all the comforts. In this way, if you travel a lot with the same airline, the member card will allow you to access the VIP lounges of the airports without paying a single euro. The same is true if you fly business or first class. Sounds good right?

Day passes

If you do not travel a lot but do not want to suffer a 7-hour layover in a conventional waiting room, it is best to buy a one-day pass to access the VIP rooms.

If you are far-sighted and you do it with time, it may cost you between 20 and 80 euros. A reasonable price to enjoy maximum comfort in luxurious surroundings and arrive at your destination rested and relaxed.

It is also highly recommended to access the VIP lounge of the airline with which you are traveling because at the time of showing the ticket it is likely that you will benefit from some special promotion or discount.

Separate VIP lounges

Those who have a very tight budget to travel should know that there are independent VIP lounges in which the maximum cost is usually approximately 20 euros. The best chains that offer this kind of service are Premium Traveler, Plaza Premium and Airspace.

In them you can find everything that characterizes airport VIP lounges: relaxed atmosphere, comfortable armchairs and abundant food. The only downside is that many of these standalone lounges close before dark.

Business loyalty cards

Certain companies give their customers loyalty cards that allow them to access certain VIP lounges at airports when traveling.

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Mobile applications can be the solution to many of our problems. This is the case of Loungebuddy, an app available for Android and iOS that offers a comprehensive guide to all the VIP lounges at each airport.

This app includes the most interesting services, photos and comments of the VIP lounges and shows which of them is the one that best suits your needs and conditions in just one click.

Direct access to VIP lounges

Another option is to go to the counter of the airline we are traveling with and ask for the VIP lounge in the terminal. Within the same airport there may be different VIP lounges and they all have different services and categories.

To enter it will be necessary to pay a voucher. The price of this service will depend on the category of the VIP room to which you want to access.

Befriend a VIP

The last resort, the most economical option and the one that requires more nose. Each first class traveler can bring a companion with them to the VIP lounge of their choice in advance. Those with a flair for people can try to strike up a conversation with such a passenger and try their luck. You would be able?

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