Agadir, destination in Morocco

When it passes everyone will still be there waiting for visitors. How about taking a short trip to Morocco? How about traveling a bit and visiting Agadir? The city is 600 kilometers from Rabat and just over 400 from the popular Casablanca.

Agadir is a coastal city, on the Atlantic Ocean, squeezed between mountains and beaches, and well connected with other destinations in Morocco, if you want to go around the country and get to know more than one place.

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As we said, it is on the coast, in the gulf of Agadir, at the point where the Atlas Mountains reach the sea. You can arrive by plane since it has a very modern airport, or by car, using a toll highway that connects it to Tangier, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat.

Agadir is south of morocco and enjoys a warm and dry subtropical climate. Protected from the desert winds by the mountains and enjoying the sea breezes, the truth is that Agadir it's a great destination Spa, one of the most popular in the country. Think that the water is around 20ºC in summer and that even in winter the climate is mild.

Regarding its history, Agadir It was founded by the Portuguese in the XNUMXth century but the Saadians invaded and destroyed it in the next century. Only at the beginning of the XNUMXth century would it be seriously rebuilt, after the French occupation. After the withdrawal of this country it passed into the hands of Morocco, at the end of the 50s. Those old buildings fell into a earthquake in the year 60, so its modern look takes on after rebuilding.

Its port is the epicenter of fishing activity, but its agricultural fields produce a lot of citrus. Post-earthquake reconstruction has made it one of the most modern cities in Morocco, with tall buildings, wide avenues, many hotels and restaurants.

Agadir Tourism

It is a destination of international tourism with a very good offer of hotels and activities. As for the second, one of its main tourist attractions in the Souss-Massa National Park, with beautiful landscapes. It was created in 1991 and occupies a strip of Atlantic coast of almost 34 thousand hectares. It is a low area, with shallow valleys that travel towards the sea.

It is a park great biodiversity where people have also lived for thousands of years. Everything works together to make it a popular destination for ecotourism, especially ornithological tourism, one of the best in Morocco.

But if you don't like leaving the cities, if asphalt, museums and restaurants are your thing, then you can stay within the limits of Agadir and not miss what it has to offer here. For example, there are mosques, museums, theaters, and picturesque buildings.

You can start the tour of the Nuevo Talborjt, the colonial neighborhood, with its Arab gardens, the Olhao Gardens, on avenida de las Far. Here is also the Memory Museum which concentrates information on the 1960 earthquake tragedy. Other lush and beautiful gardens are the Ibn Zidoum Gardens.

The Kasbah walls They are one of its historical treasures and the only thing that remains of the fortified city of Agadir. Its original objective was to defend the city from attacks by sea and dates back to the XNUMXth century. Many people once lived behind these walls. In fact, these walls and the gate are very well preserved, on a gentle hill and with Panoramic views beautiful city and sea. At sunset the best photos are taken.

In the city is the Great Mosque, unique among other mosques, very modern and the Amazigh Museum with its ethnographic collection, and the Tiskiwin Museum, dedicated to Berber art and culture. There is also the Agadir Memorial Museum, take a look at Avenida Presidente Kennedy, which we already said was built in memory of the earthquake of '60, and I recommend visiting to see photos of what the city was like before that cataclysm.

La agadir beach it is beautiful and walk the boardwalk and the marina they are good ways to appreciate it. The boardwalk offers a pleasant five-kilometer walk paved in ceramic tiles with palm trees. The marina is of recent construction and if you want to take a boat ride you should start here. Then there are hotels on the coast and many cafes and restaurants and places to rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

We can do day trips or excursions from Agadir? Of course. Essaouira It is 173 kilometers to the north and it is a beautiful coastal town with XNUMXth century buildings and various marine fortifications. It is part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage so I would not stop visiting him. There are alleys, buildings with beautiful details with blue doors, you can visit the house of a pasha, art museums…

Overcoming the 150 kilometers from Agadir, to 166 specifically, is Tafroute, a typically Moroccan mountain village, a destination for nature lovers. It is east of the city and is tremendously photogenic with its Canyon of Ait Mansour and Annameur prehistoric art. A little closer, at the end of the Anti-Atlas Mountain Range, 97 kilometers to the south, is Tiznit, with its impressive fortifications from the XNUMXth century and its Berber jewelery market. The market is on Tuesday.

Closer, just 60 kilometers, also to the north, is the Valle Paraíso and its rural life. It is a good destination for hiking among almond and olive trees and get to know small villages while enjoying spectacular views of mountains and skies. It usually has more activity on weekends, local people take advantage and escape, so if you go during the week everything will be calmer.

In the Souss valley is the city of Taroudant, with its gigantic terracotta-colored walls and its colorful markets where you can buy everything and everything. You can walk the brick ramps that surround the city, see its defensive gates, and explore the maze of alleys in the Kasbah district on foot. How many kilometers is it from Agadir? Taroudant is only 88 kilometers away.

Do you like to surf? Entonces Taghazout awaits you. Is a very popular beach between locals and tourists during the summer months, although surfing can be practiced all year round. Surf is breathed here, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Finally, if you like crocodiles then you can go to a new nature reserve that is only 14 kilometers from Agadir. Here live nile crocodiles, until recently endemic species although today in danger.

East croco park tries to emulate their natural living conditions and offers guided tours to visitors. As you see, Agadir is a great destination: beaches, mountains, mountain villages, history, walls, boat trips ... If you go, there is no doubt, it will be a colorful and unforgettable trip.

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