Airbus A380, the largest of all

The plane Airbus A380 It is none other than the enormous plane that crosses the air with its body of two decks and that holds the title of being the largest commercial airplane in the world. At least for the moment since there is talk of the Airbus A350-1000 ...

The fact is that maybe you already had the luck to board one of these super ships, or maybe not. These planes do not do all routes and not all airlines have them. Next year I will return to Japan and as I will travel by Emirates in Dubai I will board an Airbus A380 bound for Tokyo. What trip! That is why I propose today to know him better and if you like airplanes and travel, then pay attention to this information about the Airbus A380.

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It is a European company aircraft manufacturer that is dedicated to both commercial and military aircraft, although a higher percentage of the former. The headquarters are in France but as it is a multinational there are offices in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and China. As is often the case today with globalization, different factories make different parts and then everything is assembled.

One of its treasures is the Airbus A320, produced in 10 units nothing more and nothing less. This model it has made more than 100 million flights and transported 12 billion passengers. What figures! Of course, one of its most important competitors is Boeing (the A320 competes directly with the Boeing 737), although to the delight of the company since the beginning of the 50st century it has been left with around XNUMX% of the aeronautical manufacturing market. Nothing bad.

Its first civil aircraft was the small A300, followed by the A310 and due to the successful sales the A320 was born, the most popular of all its models.

Airbus A380

Double deck, very wide, four jet engines. Once on the market, some of the world's airports had to improve their facilities to be able to receive it. It had its maiden flight in 2005 and entered commercial service two years later, that is already has a decade in the air.

You have 550 meters of cabin, all usable space, 40% more than the Boeing 747. It has capacity for 853 passengers in between Economy Class and Third Class, although the distribution according to class will depend on the requirements of the airlines. It can fly about 15.700 kilometers so basically covers the longest trade routes at a cruising speed of 900 km / hour. Some modifications have been made to it in subsequent years, in fuselage, engines and transport capacity.

Has Rolls-Royce engines, different models depending on the version of the aircraft, which allow you to keep noise pollution at bay. The fuselage is made of aluminum alloyoy in the wings mainly used carbon fiber reinforced with plastic and fiberglass and plastic reinforced with quartz fiber.

Although its successor seems to be developing, this model is still commissioned and sold. To my joy, since I am a frequent passenger of Emirates and this Arab company is the one that has bought more airplanes of this model. He has 97 to his credit!

Now, so far everything is too technical but let's see what concerns us now: the place of the passengers! The company says that engineers have thought a lot about making the trip more pleasant for passengers. Thus, they have achieved reduce cabin noise by 50% with better pressurization, they have placed larger windows, larger luggage cabinets on the seats and more comfortable seats.

La First class is a bit unattainable but these luxury cabins have Sqm 12, but without going so far Economy Class seats are 48 inches wide (against an average of 40, 40 or more of other companies) The two decks of the aircraft are connected with two stairs so wide that two passengers can go up or down side by side.

The lighting system is with led lights that can be altered to create "climates" and simulate day, night, and those hours in between. When the trip is very long, it is necessary to create these moments and force breaks and meals. The truth is that the company has also been in charge of promoting things that were not seen on an airplane since the '70s: Beauty salons, restaurants, bar, shops and as you already know, a bathroom with shower for the First Class.


The company promotes many things and then the airlines ask for theirs, which sometimes is feasible and sometimes not, that's why the same Airbus A380 may be different if it is owned by Emirates, Singapore Airlines or Air France. But are more luxurious times ahead? The answer is no. It may be that traveling like this on a plane is wonderful, but in truth there are very few people who can afford it and the ten who travel in First cannot be compared to the more than 500 who do it in Economy.

Thus, the trend is to gradually improve the services or features of the Economy Class. Hallelujah! After all this, have you ever wondered what is the price of an Airbus A380? Last year the list price was 432.6 million although they say that negotiations through important discounts are achieved.

Singapure Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Lufthansa, Air France, Korean Air, China Southerne, Thai Airways, Malaysia, British Airways, Asiana, Qatar and Etihad Airways are the companies that have these little planes. While the shortest route made by an Airbus A380 is from Paris to London, the longest is the one that connects Dubai with Auckland: 14 kilometers.

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