What if we travel to stay to live?

When we plan a trip, we almost always do it with the awareness that one day (sooner or later) we will return to our city of origin. Most people, when for example they acquire a train or plane ticket, they do it both for the outward journey and back, thus having a fixed date and time to return to their usual home. Other people, on the other hand, either because they can afford to spend more time on vacation or because they are on a business trip and do not know exactly when they will be able to return, usually buy the one-way ticket but not the return ticket, although these people are clear that they will return home yes or yes, sooner or later ... But, What if we traveled to any geographical point to finally stay and live?

It is normal to think that if we did this it would be because we love and have fallen in love with the place we have traveled to, but so much to stay and live in it? I ask you a question: has this ever happened to you? And if it has happened to you, but either for work or for whatever reason, finally you did not stay to live, What was that city or that country that made you fall in love so much that you wanted to leave everything and settle there? It has never happened to me personally, also because I have not traveled as much as I would like, but I do have cities that I think could happen to me ...

Next, I leave you with those cities in which perhaps I would like to stay and live, and I give you some reasons for this ... What do you think are yours?

Andalusia, always

I don't think that the simple fact of being Andalusian and living in this community forever makes me want to continue living here. I know some people here who do not feel that attachment to Andalusia (I suppose it will happen to many other people from other autonomous communities). Perhaps it is the experiences, the family, the sun that is almost always and fills every Andalusian corner with joy, the affable people (mostly) that you meet, the friends, etc ... And although I know a lot about Andalusia, I have so much left to discover from her!

It would be nice to stay and live in Huelva, or more specifically in a small town in the mountains or one on the coast that is not so visited in summer; some white town of the Sierra de Cádiz, or in Jerez de la Frontera, or perhaps in Puerto de Santa María; Pomegranate, a city to fully enjoy; Cordova and its charm,…. If I were to talk about every corner of Andalusia where I would stay to live forever, or at least for a long time, I would not have the time or space here to do so.


I fell in love with Mallorca seeing images on Google of its coves and beaches ... And I say that: if our dear German neighbors come to spend their retirement here, it will be because it is not bad at all, right? In summer the waters of its beaches are crystal clear and in winter you can see the snow on the Tramuntana mountain range. An all-in-one on islands that could well be paradisiacal tourism.

Returning to see images like these, honestly, they have nothing to envy to Punta Cana or other much more touristy islands.

Italy, almost completely

I think that one of the few cities that I would avoid in Italy to live (but not to visit regularly) would be Milan, solely because of the high cost of living they have. But when I say Italy to live in general, it is because there are many cities that especially call me from there: Rome, Tuscany, Venezia, Florence, ... I don't know, maybe it's because of the language, because of the similarity of the Italians with the Spanish, their monuments so ancient and so beautiful, which attracts me a lot ...

La fashion there is one of the most elegant I have seen and wherever you look you have the sea relatively close from any point (another indispensable for me)… It is difficult not to imagine living in Italy, truth be told.

Which or which would be the cities chosen by you to not only travel but also to live? How long would you spend in each of them? Which of these have you already visited and which ones do you imagine from images, photographs and experiences of other travelers that could make you fall in love to such an extent?


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