Aokigahara, the perfect place to die

Aokigahara is a thick and dark forest located at the base of the Mount Fuji possessing a terrible fame. In Japan it is known as "The perfect place to die" thanks to the best seller of Wataru Tsurumui: "Complete Suicide Manual". Undoubtedly one of the most chilling places in the country and that attracts not a few curious visitors.

Fueling the Myth of Japan's Suicide Figures, Among the Trees of Aokigahara Forest every year a good number of corpses appear. And there goes the most shocking: some of the victims went there to kill themselves with Tsurumui's book in their hands. Neither pays attention to the (real) posters of "Please reconsider" o "Please consult the police before deciding to die."

The residents of this forest affirm that they cannot know who among the visitors to the area come here to relax in nature or do so to never return. It is also not clear why they choose this place, which already recorded numerous suicides before the publication of the book.

One possible explanation is that they want die at the foot of the sacred mountain of the Japanese, the Fuji Yama, although the mythical stories of wandering ghosts called Yurei and of trees that make prisoners those who enter the thicket, preventing them from getting out of there. The howling of the wind through the branches of the forest is nothing special, but to many they sound like the wailing of spirits coming from the Hereafter.

The really creepy thing is the task of the forestry workers who regularly clear the forest and come across ghoulish finds: corpses in various states of decomposition, usually hanging from trees or partially eaten by wild animals. Hard work.

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