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If you want to travel to India then you may be planning your trip for a long time, it is normal. To travel to India it takes a long time to enjoy all that it has to offer, a trip of just a few days would be too short. What's more, If you want to travel to India you should also know well where you want to stay and the budget you have. In India there are prices of all kinds, but depending on the prices you can also be with more or less comforts, this will depend on your personal tastes.

But in addition to taking all this into account when traveling to India, you will also want to know what their most popular attractions and activities are in order to better organize your trip. Today I want to talk to you about some of the most important attractions and activities in India so that you can better decide your trip.

In India you can have many attractions and activities to do, in addition to visiting incredible places to enjoy a vacation or an excellent trip.

The city of Delhi


New Delhi is divided into two parts, Old Delhi and Modern or New Delhi. The latter is a modern city with many activities to do and modern constrictions that will take your breath away. Old Delhi has narrow streets and incredible temples, no doubt there are many visitors who prefer to get lost in ancient Dehli. You will not be able to miss the Red Fort and Jama Masjid, India's largest mosque, you can't miss the splendid Outab Minar Tower either.

If you want to see an amazing picture You will not be able to forget the visit to the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is located on a line drawn between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. . In the southern corner of the triangle is Agra, known for the Taj Mahal. In the southwest corner is Jaipur in Rajasthan, home to the Amber Palace and the Palace of Winds.

A visit to the fabulous Taj Mahal mausoleum

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahaj in Agra is known to the whole world and is an immense white marble mausoleum that it was built between 1632 and 1653 by order of the Mughal Emperor Shan Jahan in memory of his favorite wife. The Taj Mahal is also called: "a tear on the cheek of eternity" and is one of the masterpieces of Mughal architecture and is one of the most important monuments in India.

Also, the white dome of the Taj Mahal it's a marble mausoleum and I include other beautiful buildings, water bodies, extensive ornamental gardens with trees, flowers and beautiful shrubs. It is a beauty that if you see it in the first person it will not be able to leave you indifferent.

The parks of India

Rajasthan Park in India

India has no less than 70 national parks and part of it also has 24 tiger reserves and 400 wildlife sanctuaries in the country. Just to have time to visit them all, you would need several months of vacation ... so one idea is that you look for information about each of them and that way you can choose the one you most want to go or the one that is closest to the place where you will stay.

The Indian tiger and the Asian Elephant are all over the region, but if you want to know the most famous natural reserve and want to visit it to be able to fall in love with everything it has to offer, then do not miss Rajasthan's Bharatpur National Park and Bengal Sundarban National Park.

The Great Desert of India

In northeast India you can find the Great Desert also known as Thar. This desert covers an area 804 kilometers long and 402 kilometers wide. Almost nothing! There are cities throughout this desert like the desert cities of Rajhasthan and if you visit them, you will find that they are incredibly dazzling. The most famous cities to visit are Jaisalmer thanks to its Desert Festival which is held in the months of January and February or the city of Pushkar where the Camel Fair is held in November.

In addition to all this, you can also find fortresses, palaces and temples of great historical and architectural importance.. But if you want to visit Rajhasthan you will not be able to forget Udaipur, an excellent place to go with your partner since it is very romantic. Imagine if it is so romantic that there are people who call this place "the Venice of the East". The city is built around Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace is a place where you can stay to be able to endure life in the desert (thanks to the lake).

Sacred places

Possibly you know that India is one of the most religious places and that is why you will not be able to miss some of its sacred places, although there are a large number of different religions that coexist with each other. People respect each other's beliefs, being a great example of religious tolerance for all.

The dominant religion in India is Hindu and it can even be said that it is one of the oldest religions in the world. The Hindu caste system plays an important role in the life and society of the people in India. One of the most important places that you should not miss the opportunity to visit is Varanasi, which is a religious center of the Hindu world and houses no less than thousands and thousands of pilgrims a year.

You should also visit Puri on the coast of the Bay of Bengal which is one of the largest pilgrimage centers in India and is well known thanks to the Jagannat Temple.

In addition, all over India there are also places that belong to other religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, and Christianity.

Adventure activities

Adventure activities in India

But if in addition to knowing the architecture, its people, the temples and a long etcetera, you should also know that in India there are places associated with adventure sports so that you can have a vacation. full of action and adrenaline.

You can find mountains to ski in winter, rivers and waterfalls to practice risky water sports, shores of beaches, incredible forests ... In India you can do scale, skiing, hiking, racing, water and risk sports, golf ... You will only have You have to choose the place and the activity you want to do.

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