Mariela Carril

Since I was a child I have enjoyed learning about other places, cultures and their people. I believe that the world is a huge place and that only by traveling can one understand how varied the human race is. For this reason, I have always liked reading and documentary films, and at university I graduated with a degree in Social Communication. I try to travel often, near or far, and when I do I take notes so I can later convey, with words and images, what that destination is for me and can be for whoever reads my words. And I think that writing and traveling are similar, I think they both take your mind and heart very far. I am very aware of the phrase that says that ignorance is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling. I hope that our articles allow you to travel vicariously to the places of your dreams, at least until the day when you can make the trip yourself. I put effort into each one of them, I research and I know that the information I provide is accurate and will help you.