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The best beach in mijas

If you are one of the people who likes summer to come to enjoy the beaches, this article will appeal to you. There are countless beaches in our country and around the world, as well as beautiful coves, but today I want to talk to you about those that are specifically in Mijas. It is really not only important to know the coves and beaches in summer, winter or at any other time of the year, it is also a good idea to visit them or take a walk to enjoy nature.

But if you are interested in visiting Mijas and by the way know which are its beaches and its best coves, then keep reading because you are going to discover some corners of this town, that they are going to find you. And it is not necessary to have to go to the other part of the world to enjoy wonderful places, Spain also has a lot of charm and Mujas will show it to you.

Mijas: a great tourist destination

Mijas city

From a few years ago to the present we can say that Mijas has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Andalusia. There is not an Andalusian who does not know where Mijas is, and there are even many people who come from abroad to enjoy its beaches, its coves, its gastronomy and the good treatment of people.

Mijas has no less than 12 kilometers of coastline and is full of coves and beaches for all tastes, so I am sure that you will be able to find the perfect corner for you, regardless of what your personal tastes or preferences are. Almost all the beaches of Mijas have the basic services to be able to spend an incredible day both with family and in the company of friends.

If you are thinking of enjoying a beautiful vacation on the Costa del Sol, then you should not miss the opportunity to come to Mijas and enjoy everything that you have waiting for you. Do not miss below some of its best known coves and beaches so that you can make a good itinerary and enjoy.

Mijas cove

La Cala de Mijas is the most popular of all and is located precisely in the town that receives the same name. Around it there are many bars and restaurants because it is a very touristy place that is always full of people, making it ideal for business. As if that were not enough, the beach in this area is awarded the Blue Flag of the European Community so you can get an idea of ​​the beauty of the place and the good conditions of both its sand and its water.

Moon Beach

moon beach in Mijas

This beach is located in Calahonda, it is a beach different from all the others. It has dark sand and that will be what catches your attention the most. But It is a great beach to spend the day with family, friends or alone. It also has a blue flag thanks to the large number of services available to make your day at the beach special and you will not miss anything.

El Bombo beach

In Cala de Mijas you can also find El Bombo Beach, a famous beach although not as well known as others. It has four restaurants near the beach and if you forget your towel or deck chair, you can also find them there so you can rent the umbrella or deck chair of your choice. It is a way of not having to carry loungers and umbrellas from home. Although in high season you risk that when you arrive everything is taken and you have to go home to get it or go to the store and buy what you need for the beach.


It is a beach where you can find many rental apartments so you can stay. It is a great idea to spend the summer on the beach and also have the beach very close every day. Yes indeed, Book in advance because the apartments are full in high season, and the cost can be somewhat high.

Almirante Beach

El Almirante beach is also located in Calahonda and it is also a dark sand beach. It is a beach to enjoy the fresh air, the sea and good views. It will undoubtedly be a place where you can relax and rest. You will also have services to make your day perfect.

Doña lola beach

This beach is very similar to the previous one in terms of services and is very popular among the people who live in this town. For this reason, if you want to get to it, you will have no problem.

More beaches that you cannot miss

Mijas beach

The ones that I have named you above are beaches that you cannot miss in Mijas, but if you also want to take a good tour of the main coves and beaches of Mijas, then do not miss the following list to write it down on your itinerary and thus enjoy the entire coast. Do not lose detail!

  • Beach of the Riviera. It is the longest beach on the entire coast of Mijas.
  • Cabo Rocoso beach. It is a bit narrow but it is ideal to enjoy with friends.
  • Las Doradas beach in Cala de Mijas
  • Playa del Chaparral, which is located between Cala de Mijas and El Faro.
  • Charcón Beach
  • Calaburras Lighthouse Beach
  • El Ejido Beach
  • The Peñón del Cura
  • La Marina

Any of the beaches that I have mentioned in this article are ideal to enjoy with family, friends or if you want to go alone to enjoy a day at the beach. But all the beaches have good services, they are spacious and very accessible so you will not have problems accessing most of them with your vehicle. Do you already know which of them you want to go to to enjoy your summer or simply to get to know them and discover all their beauty? You will surely fall in love with each and every one of them.

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