Beaches of Puerto de Santa María

Puntilla Beach

The beaches of Puerto de Santa Maria They are among the best in Spain. Not for nothing are they included in the precious Bay of Cadiz next to those of San Fernando, Chiclana de la Frontera or Royal Port. All of them have fine golden sand with crystal clear waters.

In total, there are sixteen kilometers of beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean that offer you all the comforts and services. If you add to all this the climate of the area, always pleasant and with many hours of sun, you have all the ingredients to enjoy the beaches of Puerto de Santa María. So that you can choose the one you like the most, we are going to go through them with you.

Puntilla Beach

The Puntilla beach

The breakwater from the Puntilla beach

Framed by the mouth of the Guadalete river and colora beach, is almost nine hundred meters long and an average width of about ninety. Being close to the town, it is very popular. But it is also close to pine forests and dunes of San Antón, where you will find a campsite.

Also, its character of urban beach means that it has all the services. It has a surveillance and rescue team with boats and even an ambulance on weekends. It also offers you toilets and showers, sports areas and a first-aid kit. Finally, it has adapted accesses for people with disabilities and even special chairs for them to take a bath.

El Aculadero Beach

Aculadero beach

Aculadero Beach

It is, precisely, next to the previous one, as it is also known as the Colorá. Therefore, it is between Lace y Puerto Sherry, the beautiful sports and tourist marina of Puerto de Santa María. You can access this sandy area through Avenida de la Libertad.

It has almost eight hundred meters in length and an average width of fourteen. Likewise, it offers you all the sanitary services and showers. You will also be interested to know that it houses a archaeological site Archaic Lower Paleolithic. If you want to see the pieces found in it, you will find them in the municipal Museum from Puerto de Santa Maria.

Santa Catalina, one of the beaches of Puerto de Santa María perfect for windsurf

Santa Catalina Beach

Santa Catalina Beach

It is, together with those of Levante and Valdelagrana, which we will talk about later, the largest beach among those of this Andalusian town. It is about three thousand one hundred meters long by forty wide. In addition, it includes several smaller sandbanks. Specifically those of Vistahermosa, Red Crab, El Buzo, El Ancla and Las Redes.

It also has all the services you may need. Among them, lifeguards with boats and watchtowers, first aid kit, toilets and showers. The beach is in the shape of a cordon and you can access it both from the Rota road and from the urbanizations in the area.

As a curiosity, we will tell you that its waters are somewhat colder than those of the rest of the beaches of the Bay of Cádiz. But above all, if you like the windsurf or kitesurf, Santa Catalina is perfect for you to practice both because of its climate and its waves.

Levante Beach

Surroundings of the Levante beach

The impressive nature of Levante beach

Among the beaches of Puerto de Santa María, this represents the natural exuberance, since it is located in the heart of the Bahía de Cádiz park. In fact, it combines areas of marshes in the part of the mouth of the San Pedro River with other dunes.

With about four thousand square meters in length and almost a hundred in average width, it has a small naturism area. It is also perfect for practicing water sports such as surfing. On the other hand, being in a natural park, you will have to walk or bike to it (it has space to park them).

Likewise, from the beach several hiking trails like the one that takes advantage of the old railway line from Jerez to Trocadero, which was, by the way, the first one in Andalusia. Several tours of historical places in the area. Among these the medieval salt flats of The Algaida, the place where the army of Napoleon during the War of Independence or the tunnels of the old Andalusian Steel Company.

Finally, Levante beach has health, lifeguard and rescue services, as well as showers. But, more importantly, the toilets are adapted for people with functional diversity.

Fuentebravia Beach

Fuentebravia beach

Fuentebravia Beach,

It is almost five hundred meters long by about forty wide. But it has a resting area of ​​five thousand square meters. It is located at the foot of a cliff, between the Rota Naval Base and the urbanization that has taken its name.

You can access it by walking along a promenade and it is adapted for people with functional diversity. It also has toilets and showers, lifeguards, a space to park bicycles and even a chiringuito. All this makes it highly appreciated both by national tourism and by those arriving from outside of Spain.

Valdelagrana beach

Valdelagrana beach

Valdelagrana, one of the best beaches in Puerto de Santa María

It is located between the mouth of the Guadalete river and Levante beach, which we have already told you about. It has a length of approximately two thousand meters and a width of about seventy. It is shaped like a shell and runs through it. promenade of almost one thousand five hundred meters where, in addition to walking, you can enjoy numerous bars and restaurants.

However, it also has cycling routes that take you through a spectacular landscape of salt flats. It is perfect for resting, but also for practicing windsurf and kitesurf. It also allows you to enjoy magnificent views of the city of Cádiz.

As for relaxing, you should know that it has hammocks and umbrellas for rent. It also has bath chairs adapted for people with functional diversity and lifeguard services and rental of pedal boats. You can access Valdelagrana beach both on foot and by bicycle or along the CA-32 road, if you come by car.

The Wall and La Cove

Wall Beach

The wall beach

We put these two beaches together because they are only separated by the ruins of the castle of Santa Catalina, a coastal fortress from the XNUMXth century that gives them a peculiar air and will bring to mind the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. If you like photography, in addition, on these beaches you will get wonderful sunsets.

The Wall is barely three hundred and fifty meters long by fifty meters wide. However, it has toilets and showers. Also, it stands out for being one of the most protected of the entire Bay of Cadiz. You can reach it on foot through Avenida de la Libertad or by bicycle along a bike lane. You even have an area to park them.

For its part, La Calita, located on the other side of the castle, is about five hundred meters long and approximately fifteen meters wide. However, the best way to get to it is by road that goes from Puerto de Santa María to Rota. You have to take a detour down the main street of the Vistahermosa urbanization and then turn left. Like the previous one, it offers you toilets and showers.

On the other hand, this area of ​​the province of Cádiz still has another beach. It is about the Admiral. However, you will not be able to enjoy it, since it has been included within the aforementioned Rota Naval Base.

Is any time good to enjoy the beaches of Puerto de Santa María?

the cove

La Calita Beach

The climatology in this area of ​​the Bay of Cadiz it is benign. Therefore, you can enjoy its beautiful beaches almost all year round. Specifically, the climate is subtropical-mediterranean. The winters are very mild and the summers warm, but without being too hot. The latter is due to the winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

But above all, the area stands out for its large number of hours of sunshine: more than three thousand a year. According to this, rainfall is scarce (around 400 mm). Do not forget that the area of ​​influence of Cádiz is called Costa de la Luz.

For all that we have explained to you, both the end of spring and the beginning of autumn are valid to enjoy the beaches of Puerto de Santa María. But the best time to do it is, logically, summer. It is also the time when you will coincide with more tourists, although you will not stop enjoying these magnificent beaches for that.

What to see in Puerto de Santa María?

San Marcos castle

Castillo de San Marcos, one of the main monuments of Puerto de Santa María

We cannot finish this tour of the beaches of this area of ​​Cadiz without mentioning in passing some of the monuments that you can visit there. Two stand out greatly in Puerto de Santa María. It is the imposing San Marcos castle, a fortified temple built in the XNUMXth century on an old Arab mosque and the Major Priory Church, built at the end of the XNUMXth century, although rebuilt in the XNUMXth (hence its unmistakable baroque elements).

But you can also visit other religious and civil monuments in the Cadiz town. Among the first, the victory monastery, the convents of the Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Conception or the hermitage of Santa Clara. And, as for the seconds, the house Vizarron, the palaces of Araníbar, Chargers to the Indies and Álvarez-Cuevas or the Old Lonja del Puerto.

In conclusion, we have presented you the best beaches of Puerto de Santa Maria. All of them are magnificent and have most of the services. But take advantage of your visit to the city of Cadiz to also enjoy its monuments. Don't you want to know this privileged area of ​​Spain?

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