Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland's luxury train


Belmond Royal Scotsman Train

Scotland It is one of the most recommended destinations in the United Kingdom. It has incredible landscapes and although we may have more rainy days than desired, there is no way not to enjoy a trip through the Scottish lands.

Luxury trains have been converted into five-star rolling hotels. Small, with not very extensive routes with few exceptions, they are always associated with tradition, history and heritage. There are luxury trains on all five continents. Some cross many countries, others simply care to offer a pleasant walk within their own geography. It is the case of Belmond Royal Scotsman, Scotland's luxury train.

Luxury trains

Belmond Royal Scotsman dining room

As I said, the luxury trains They are on the five continents and they offer, each one, a wonderful experience whether within the same country, between two or three neighboring countries or crossing part of a continent. It was not always comfortable or pleasant to travel by train, but in the middle of the XNUMXth century it occurred to someone to give comfort to the wagons and introduce wagons-sleepers. That was the beginning of it all.

There are many international operators, companies that manage different trains in different countries, and although there are truly famous trains, others are not so famous and should be. In Spain there is the Al Andalús or El Expreso de la Robla, in India the Maharajas Express and the Golden Chariot, in Australia there is The Ghan, in South Africa the Rovos Rail and the list could go on for a few more names.

In the case of Scotland, the company is Belmond Ltd. and offers this Scottish luxury train for only 36 passengers and is dedicated to walking them through the best landscapes of Scotland.

Royal Scotsman luxury train

Dinners on the Belmond train

The train it only takes 36 people so it is an experience that we could define as private. Have Twin, double and single suite cabins, all with private bathrooms. It has two dining cars and a beautiful observatory car with open gallery.

The train has nine carriages and operates on different routes taking its passengers on themed tours that include green golf courses, historic residences and gardens and cellars of whiskey, the traditional Scottish drink. But basically it is a journey that links Edinburgh to the Highlands through meadows, mountains studded with green forests and tremendous lakes.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Tours

A typical journey departs from Edinburgh Waverley Station and can last two, three or four nights. There is a 2-night Highland Tour, a 4-night Western Tour, and a XNUMX-night Highland Classic Tour. Trips are always between April and October, the best season to cross this territory and be able to admire it in all its spring and summer splendor. The good thing is that these tours that are presented differently can be combined and take the longest tour, between five and seven nights, for example (it is the famous Grand Tour).

As if it were a hotel all inclusive the Belmond Royal Scotman train fare includes all meals on board, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, excursions, tours Guided to a whiskey distillery, pigeon hunting, visits to a traditional Scottish house and a classic Highland wool mill. As soon as you buy the ticket, the adventure begins.

Travel in the Belmond Royal Scotman

Belmond train tours

There are three tours so the question is, which one should I choose? The most scenic route is that of West Highland tour So if you want breathtaking landscapes, this is your tour. If you want something shorter you can opt for it highland tour Two nights as this trip takes you from Edinburgh to Perth via Inverness and it is very pretty. It is neither wild nor remote nor breathtaking, but it is beautiful and passes through the spectacular Druimuachdar Pass at 452 meters of altitude, the highest point in the entire British railway network, and also through the Findhorn Viaduct, south of Inverness.

Scottish Piper

The four nights of HighlandClassic It also gets a lot of applause because it takes the scenic route and goes further: it passes through Inverness towards Kyle of Lochalsh, on the water of the Isle of Skye. More beautiful impossible. Tickets for this luxury train in Scotland can be to buy online. Once you have them you go to Edinburgh station, four hours by train from London, to Waverley Station. There is a first class waiting room with tea and coffee and when the train is already on the platform ready to be boarded a man in a plaid and playing bagpipes gives you notice. Its about Drum Major.

Belmond Royal Scotsman's stateroom

A classic cabin (Pullman 60s), has two beds, there are few with a single bed, and all the comforts located in a practical and compact way: bathroom, shower, table, closet, desk, lamps, coat racks and amenities such as soap, shampoo, towels, bathrobe and slippers. You sleep very well since the train is parked on quiet platforms or in a separate lane and then there are no movements.

Scotland's luxury train has two dining cars. One is called Raven and has a long central table with 16 seats and another is called Victory and is more traditional, with several tables offering 20 seats. This dining car dates from 1945 and is the oldest on the train. The food is cooked on board and is of the highest quality. The kitchen will be small but the dishes are majestic. And yes, dinner is formal so you have to wear smart clothes, no backpacking. Please.

Fine dining on the Belmond train

The train offers several excursions and they depend on which tour one has chosen. You can go pigeon hunting and then have tea in a Scottish mansion, for example, or visit a distillery and come back with a bottle of whiskey under your arm. The tours are all good and special, luxurious, but the truth is that only the train routes are enough to say that it is a formidable trip: mountains, lakes, valleys, rivers, bridges, viaducts, areas of historical battles, Scottish countryside, bridges (the very long Tay Bridge, for example), in short, a whole range of scenarios.

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