Benijo beach in Tenerife

Benijo Beach

In the Canary Islands is the island of Tenerife, a huge island popular with travellers. It is a beautiful island, with wonderful landscapes, some of which UNESCO has declared World Heritage.

But like every island, Tenerife has beaches and among the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife is the benijo beach. Today we are going to meet her.

Tenerife and its beaches

Tenerife beaches

The economy of the island, like the rest of the Canary Islands, is based on tourist activity, especially the foreign tourism that arrives from the north of Europe in search of sun. Almost 70% of the hotel beds are in Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and Playa de las Américas, with an incredible number of five-star hotels.

Tenerife's beaches are dramatic and varied: from beaches with black stones of volcanic origin washed by an aggressive Atlantic, until cliff coasts with coves hidden places that can only be reached on foot, until soft sand beaches that seem brought from the Sahara desert. To this we must add the northern forests, wild, with mountains.

Later I will review the best beaches in Tenerife, but today we are summoned by a special and beautiful part of the coast: the Benijo beach.

Benijo Beach

Sunset in Benijo

This beach is in the northeast of the island of Tenerife, near the Anaga Mountains, in a wild and spectacular land. Here the volcanic rocks and cliffs plunge into the waters of the Atlantic. Measure 300 meters long and about 30 wide and it is black sand.

It has parking area, but there is space for less than 50 cars and it is about 100 meters. You can also arrive in intercity bus, it's 946, which stops at Cruces de Almáciga, from Santa Cruz. The route crosses mountains and has many turns, and the view of the ocean and the beach from above is great.

Between the mountains this path turns, passes peaks and crosses a forest of laurel trees to finally reach the beach, although the last few meters have to be done on foot. It is worth traveling so much because the secluded beach with few people is a true paradise that, even can be nudist. That's how it is.

Rocks in Benijo beach

The truth is that Benijo beach is unique in many aspects, wildly natural and with fabulous views of the rock formations of Roques de Anaga. Her sunsets, my goodness, are something truly magical when you see how the bright sea contrasts with the pungent red horizon and the rocks are already black as night and emerge from the depths of the ocean as if they came out of Hell.

It must be said that Benijo beach is one of the most remote beaches in the city of Taganana, which also includes the beaches of Almáciga and Las Bodegas. To get to the beach you have to go down a path with several steps, always after approaching it with the car, as we said before. On the way there you will find several restaurants that serve local food, so although remote you can always go out and find something.

The winds in this part of the island can be very strong so be careful on the way down. And yes, you can meet people practicing nudism because it is a quite popular stronghold in this sense. During the year it is more of a beach frequented by local people, and in summer tourists join, but it is never very crowded.

benijo at sunset

The beach is one clean beach, black sands and very blue watersIncredibly blue, in fact. The most important activity on the beach is tomar el sol, although there are no sun loungers or anything like that. To the beach we have to take our things, towels, food, umbrella, because There are also no trees or bushes that provide natural shade..

Parador The Mirador

remember, here there is no bar or restaurant directly on the beach, but you will see four restaurants in the vicinity, up. The one called El Mirador is the closest, about 500 meters from the beach. It has great views, a dining room with four tables and a terrace with six. Its menu is made up of starters, salads, main dishes and desserts: local cheeses, fish, rice.

Parador El Fronton

Another place to eat is El Frontón, a specialist place is fish, large and with a fabulous terrace overlooking the beach. It even has its own parking lot. It is followed by La Venta Marrero, newer than the previous ones, and just 50 meters from the beach, in an old flowerbed. It has a lounge and terrace and ample parking. Their menu is more or less the same as the previous ones, fish, shellfish, pulp, cheese.

And finally, Casa Paca, which is 150 meters from the beach, on the edge of the road. Paca was the previous owner, a somewhat dry and sparing lady. Although the lady is no longer in business, she continues with prices somewhat cheaper than those of the other restaurants.

Benijo Coast

Can you swim at Benijo Beach? First of all, you have to know the beach does not have a protected area for swimming, but in general there are no strong waves and you can do it, although there are not many swimmers either. The presence of sharks is also very low, the entrance to the water is quite comfortable and the bottom is soft and comfortable. You should know, however, that the issue of the tide must be taken into account when planning the visit.

Knowing the times of the tide is essential to enjoy the beach. If there is high tide, the strip of sand is narrow and uncomfortable and practically you are going to sunbathe next to the mountain. For this reason, it is always advisable to go at low tide, which is when the beach can easily be extended to 50 meters wide from the slope to the water. At high tide the sand is reduced to a strip of just 10 meters. super awkward. And it may even be that there is no beach at all and tourists are hanging from the rocks.

Benijo Beach

At low tide you can enjoy everything more: sunbathing, walking, playing football or tennis and you can even walk to the Roque de Benijo and take photos. Can you go as a family despite the nudism? Is a virgin beach without amenities and if you don't mind seeing asses out there or you and your family practice naturism, there won't be any problems. The truth is that Benijo beach is in a beautiful natural area that never has too many people. In high season the occupancy is medium, so even then you can relax.

Finally, the best time of the year to go and enjoy Benijo beach is in September. Then the highest temperature has been recorded, about 23 ºC. The sea water is even warmer. The coldest month is March with a temperature of 18ºC and water at 19ºC. Everything a little fresh, isn't it?

Benijo beach runs directly into neighboring Fabin beach, although the widest part is located at the base of the curve of the bay. Due to its location within the reserve, the Anaga Natural Park, Benijo is truly unique, with fabulous views. Do you think you can camp? No, it is not allowed, but you can sleep, although do it in summer. Can dogs be brought? It is not enabled for that but dogs are seen, more in winter than in summer.

Among other beaches close to Benijo we can name the Amáciga beach, Roque de las Bodegas, Antequera and Las Gaviotas, for example.

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