Best excursions from Seville

Seville is one of the most touristic and beautiful destinations in Spain. A visit to the country will always be incomplete if you do not visit this city. Municipality, city and capital at the same time is the most populated city in Andalusia and one of the most populated in the EU.

Among the European old towns it is one of the largest and most picturesque so there is a lot to see. Even so, it is always advisable to go on excursions around, so that's what this post is about: the best excursions from Seville.

Jerez de la Frontera

It is an Andalusian municipality and city that receives its name from its ancient position, between the territories of Castile and the Nasrid kingdom of Granada. It is just over ten kilometers from the Atlantic already around 80 from the Strait of Gibraltar.

Its symbols are motorcycle racing, flamenco, horses and wine. Or sherry specifically. It is a territory with a lot of history because many cultures have passed through here, Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims among them. So there are many churches and convents and also many XNUMXth century palaces. Some historical buildings have been turned into museums and there are other structures that deserve to be visited such as the Old Town Hall, the Wall or the Alcazar.

Once the required visits have been made by the historic helmet and surroundings you can not stop doing some wine tour. In Jerez de la Frontera there are many wineries, precious also. There are many private tours that include wine and food tastings. Calculate that the most expensive can be around 230 euros with taxes included.


Depending on the time of year in which you visit, you may or may not enjoy local festivals such as the Harvest, certain patron saint festivals, the Flamenco Festival, the Motorcycling award or Christmas itself, which is fantastic around here. And I would reserve a night or two to attend a flamenco show in some rock.


Does it seem further to you? Not, with the AVE high-speed train you arrive in just 45 minutes. Although for me Cordoba deserves more time, you can start the visit very early and return at night or late in the afternoon.

Cordoba is a great city and its historic center has been a World Heritage Site since 1994. That is why the must-sees include the Mosque, the Puente Romano, the Roman Mausoleum, the amphitheater, the forums, what remains of the palace of Emperor Maximian Herculean or the Roman Theater that hides under the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of the city.

The Jewish legacy of Córdoba is still lived in the House of Sepharad or in the Synagogue and of Christianity we have the old headquarters of the Inquisition and Alcánzar de los Reyes. In fact, here in Córdoba everything ends up mixing, the Roman, the Muslim, and the Christian and Jewish. So here are the Caliphate Baths, there the Royal Stables, the ancient Roman wall with some of its newer gates, towers and fortresses and over there a picturesque square that appears in Don Quixote.

If you like churches you can visit one of the 12 Fernandine churches, ordered by Fernando III El Santo when he reconquered the city in the XNUMXth century. If you like mills It is worth a walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir to see many.

There are also some gardens, some bridges with legacy and around Córdoba is the archaeological complex of Medina Azahara, almost as beautiful as the Alhambra in Granada.


It is the oldest city in Europe since its origins can be traced around 1100 BC It was founded by the Phoenicians and It is 124 kilometers from Seville. Although it does not live off tourism, it is a very visited city because It has a great historical heritage, great beaches and some very famous carnivals.

Share roman past The ruins of a theater remain that were found almost by chance in the 80s of the XNUMXth century. From the Phoenician past is the Gadir deposit, very valuable for how the layout of streets and houses can be seen in it. Then there are churches, palaces of the local aristocracy, castles overlooking the sea, gardens and as I said above a handful of beautiful golden urban beaches.

A good time to visit Cádiz is Carnival It is one of the most popular in the country and has been declared of world tourist interest. Different groups have been competing with each other for more than a hundred years and you will see floats, masks, costumes, masks and confetti everywhere. A party!

Arcos de la Frontera

This city is less than an hour from Seville, on a high cliff above the valley of the river Gaudelete. Like the rest of our destinations has centuries of history and several peoples have passed through their lands leaving their legacy.

From the Mudejar culture we can see an ancient temple that became the Church of Santa María de la Asunción or Palace of the Count of Águila dating from the fourteenth century. Above the city rises the Castillo de Arcos, which is open to visitors.


This It is one of the closest excursions from Seville because you take a bus and arrive in half an hour nothing more. You can go in the morning and come back after noon or go straight to lunch.

It is a city of narrow streets and many alleys but with certain "stars": there is the Alcazar del Rey Don Pedro or the roman necropolis, for example, or the Arab fortress. The Alcazar has been a national parador since the 70s, it is worth knowing.

The sightseeing tour here should start with the Roman ruins of the necropolis, with its tombs, the remains of the Roman Bridge, the amphitheater and the remains of the Via Augusta. The gates in the wall are also attractive, especially the Puerta de Sevilla, which has been fortified in the Alcazar style. Add a church and you have a complete tour.


Finally there is Ronda, at a distance of two hours by car or three hours by bus or train from Seville. It is a small city that is divided by a stream and a handful of bridges. It is also a city known for bullfight.

To move around Ronda it is convenient to bear in mind that it is divided into three neighborhoods: the oldest is the Alcázar, then there is the San Francisco neighborhood and finally the Mercadillo. The first is also known as the city and it is where you will see old palaces, museums, churches. In the San Francisco there is the Arab wall, the Arab baths and the beautiful San Francisco Convent from which it takes its name.

El Mercadillo is the most modern part of Ronda. here is the Bullring, one of the oldest in the world and the famous Calle de la Bola, one kilometer long and surrounded by shops.

Six excursions from Seville. Now you choose.

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