Top 10 travel books for adventure lovers

Traveling is one of the most exciting and enriching activities in the world. However, sometimes we are forced to put off our desire to explore due to the need to stay in a fixed place or due to the lack of vacations. Read about remote places on the planet and learn about the experience of other travelers, is a good way to kill the bug and start planning your next routes. I leave you in this post a list with those that are for me the 10 best travel books for adventure lovers Don't miss it! 

The shortest way

The shortest way Manuel Leguineche

12 years later, the journalist Manuel Leguineche narrates in "The shortest way" his adventures lived as part of the Trans World Record Expedition, a trip that started from the peninsula and that took its protagonists to travel more than 35000 km on a 4 x 4. Also is the story of a boy who, with more desire than experience, steeled himself to fulfill a dream: "To go around the world".

The expedition, which lasted more than two years, went through Africa, Asia, Australia and America, at a time when 29 of the countries on the route were at war. Without a doubt, an exciting story and a must-read for lovers of well-told adventures.

In Patagonia

In Patagonia Chatwin

A classic of travel literature, a very personal story that starts from the childhood of its author, Bruce Chatwin.

If you are looking for rigor, this may not be the book you are looking for, because sometimes reality mixes with memories and stories fictitious. But if you give it a try, you will enjoy Chatwin's journey and you will discover the essence of Patagonia, one of the most magical and special places on the planet.

Italian Suite: A trip to Venice, Trieste and Sicily

Italian Suit Reverte

Javier Reverte's literary production, focused primarily on travel, is highly recommended to dream of the best destinations without leaving home.

Italian Suite: A Trip to Venice, Trieste and Sicily is almost a literary essay in which Reverte takes us to the most beautiful and captivating landscapes of Italy. In addition, the travel chronicle is mixed with stories and historical data that help to better understand the area.

Sunrise in Southeast Asia

Sunrise in Southeast Asia Carmen Grau

Who has not ever thought of breaking the monotony? The author of Dawn in Southeast Asia, Carmen Grau, decided to take a step forward and quit her job to live an experience she had always dreamed of. She abandoned her life in Barcelona and equipped with a backpack, she set out on a great journey.

For seven months he toured Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Singapore. In his book, he shares all the details of his adventure, the trips in boats, buses, trains and the nights in a hostel.

Jupiter's dreams

the dreams of jupiter ted simon

In the dreams of Jupiter the journalist Ted Simon recounts his adventures traveling the world aboard a Triumph motorcycle. Simon began his journey in 1974, from the United Kingdom, and during four years he toured a total of 45 countries. This book is the story of his route through the five continents. If you are one of those who love asphalt, you can't miss it!

Guide for innocent travelers

guide for innocent travelers Mark Twain

Don't expect a typical travel guide when you read this book. Mark Twain, who may sound familiar to you as the creator of Tom Sayer, worked in 1867 for the Alta California newspaper. That same year, he left New York the first organized tourist trip in modern history and Twain came to write a series of chronicles at the request of the newspaper.

In guide for innocent travelers collects that great journey that would take him from the United States to the Holy Land and, with his descriptions, he narrates his passage along the shores of the Mediterranean and through countries such as Egypt, Greece or the Crimea. Another positive point of the book is Twain's personal style, has a very characteristic humor that makes reading enjoyable and very fun.

The shadow of the Silk Road

The Shadow of the Silk Road Colin Thubron

Colin Thubron is an indispensable author of travel literature, one of those tireless travelers who have traveled more than half the world and know how to tell it very well. His works have been widely awarded and have been translated into more than 20 languages. The first books of the genre that he published focused on the Middle East region and, later, his journeys moved to the former USSR. A) Yes, all his travel bibliography move between Asia and Eurasia and configure an authentic X-ray of this wide area of ​​the planet where conflict, political changes and history mix with traditions and landscapes.

In 2006, Thubron publishes The Shadow of the Silk Road, a book in which he shares his incredible journey along the largest land route in the world. He left China and traveled through much of Asia to reach the mountains of Central Asia, more than eleven thousand kilometers in a period of 8 months. The best thing about this book is the value that the experience of its author gives it. He had previously traveled many of those countries and, returning years later, not only recovers the history of a route that was of vital importance for the development of Western trade, he provides comparisons and a vision of how change and upheaval have transformed the area.

Five Trips to Hell: Adventures with Me and That Other

Five Adventures to Hell Martha Gellhorn

Martha Gellhorn was a pioneer of war correspondent, the American journalist covered the conflicts in XNUMXth century Europe, covered World War II, was one of the first to report on the Dachau concentration camp (Munich) and even witnessed the Normandy landing.

Gellhorn went through the most dangerous scenarios on the planet and risk was a constant in his adventures, in Five Trips to Hell: Adventures with Me and That Other, talks about those difficulties, is a compilation of the best of his worst trips in which he tells how he faced fear and adversity without losing hope. This book collects his trip through China with Ernest Hemingway during the Second Sino-Japanese War, his expedition through the Caribbean in search of German submarines, his route through Africa and his passage through the Russia of the USSR.

Towards wild routes

into the wild Jon Krakauer

En Towards wild routes American writer Jon Krakauer tells the story of Christopher Johnson McCandless, a young man from Virginia who in 1992, after graduating in History and Anthropology from Emory University (Atlanta), decides to give away all his money and go on a trip into the depths of Alaska. He left without saying goodbye and with hardly any equipment. Four months later, hunters found his body. The book not only recounts McCandless's journey, delves into his life and the reasons that led a young man from a wealthy family to give such a radical life change.

Three letters from Los Andes

three letters from the Andes Fermor

The mountainous region of the Peruvian Andes is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of nature and adventure tourism. In Three letters from the Andes, the traveler Patrick Leigh Fermor shares his route through this region. He began his journey in the city of Cuzco, in 1971, and from there to Urubamba. Five friends accompanied him, and perhaps the group's personality is one of the most attractive elements in this story. The expedition was highly diverse, consisting of a poet accompanied by his wife, a Swiss professional skier and jeweler, a social anthropologist, a Nottinghamshire aristocrat, a duke and Fermor. In the book, he recounts all the experiences of the group, how they complement each other even though they are very different and how their vision of the world and their taste for traveling unite them.

But beyond the story, undoubtedly very attractive, Three Letters from Los Andes Gut an impressive journey that goes from the city, from Cuzco, to the most remote places in the country. The five travelers went from Puno to Juni, near Lake Titicaca, and from Arequipa they left for Lima. The pages of this book take you to each of those places There is no better story to close this list of the 10 best travel books for adventure lovers!

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