Black Friday: 4 days in Malta at the best price

What to see in Malta

One more year, the day Black Friday it's here. It is true that we are always told to buy wisely. But the truth is that this year, we are going to invest in a good trip. One like the one that we propose today and that you surely cannot refuse. Is about four days in Malta for less than you think.

In the same offer the plane ticket and stay. Perhaps knowing this, the high figures and numbers start to fly through your head. You will see how in the end, you get a surprise. You will have to make your reservation as soon as possible, but you can organize your suitcase very calmly because we won't take off for a few months. Find out!

Black Friday, flight plus four nights in Malta

There are many destinations that attract us. Some of us have visited them more than once because they have left us a very good taste in our mouths and then there are others, of whom we have heard raving about but we have not yet taken the step. So, today we propose to give it to you with this great offer. We are going to visit Malta!.

Cheap hotel Malta

We will have little more than three days to be able to visit this place. The flight will depart from Madrid with the Ryanair company. But as we have announced, although the offer is now, the trip is scheduled for May 2019. Although it may seem distant, we know that the months will pass very quickly. So it doesn't hurt to go making our Black Friday reservation. From Wednesday to Sunday we can discover the great secrets of this gem of a destination.

Malta Black Friday trip

You no longer need to book the flight on one side and the hotel on the other because as we say, the offer includes both parts of the old town. The hotel is the 'Sliema Chalet' which it is located in front of the beach. You are very close, good communication with transport and also, the place is surrounded by one of the most important leisure areas, where you will find shops and bars or a shopping center 200 meters away. From what we can say that this hotel is only 0,2 kilometers from the city center. If you have already decided, then you will have this offer in

What to see in Malta

In the center of the Mediterranean and in the south of Italy we are going to meet Malta. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, therefore, we could not miss this offer, to make a dream come true. What can I visit in Malta? They have endless key points, we mention the most important ones.

The Valletta Malta

Essential cities to visit

One of the most important is 'La Valletta'. It is a baroque city, which has fortifications, as well as stone walls that take us back in time. It has a long tradition and history behind it. Something that will be discovered thanks to its palaces or churches. Another city to consider is 'Mdina', who has a medieval wall that has also been chosen by 'Game of Thrones' to be part of their scenarios. About 13 kilometers to the south, we find 'Marsaxlokk'.

Mdina Malta

It is the most important fishing port in the area. There you will see how the wooden boats offer a special touch thanks to their colors. 'Rabat' is a city that was built by the Arabs, where you can visit the catacombs. When we talk about 'The Cottonera' We do it from the set of 'Vittoriosa', 'Senglea' and 'Copiscua'. Where you can not miss the great charms that they hide.

Cottonera Malta

Islands and beaches

A walk on the beaches of Malta is a dream. It is said that they are one of the great jewels of the Mediterranean, so it will be another point to take into account. In addition, we can visit the 'island of Gozo'. Although it is smaller than Malta, it has monuments and different temples of great beauty. On the other hand, we have the 'island of Comino' which is very small, but quiet and with turquoise waters that will make you fall in love.

Gozo Island in Malta

Temples of Malta

To the south of the island we will find the so-called 'Hagar Qim', which is one of the oldest but is in better condition. We cannot forget the 'Tarxiem', of prehistoric type and the 'Hypogeum' that is underground and that has been a sanctuary. We can enjoy all this thanks to this incredible Black Friday offer.

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