Bora Bora, an exotic paradise in French Polynesia

Cabins in Bora Bora

Bora Bora has become one of the best destinations when it comes to enjoying a honeymoon and a vacation in a exotic place. It must be said that it is a luxury destination, but of course it is the ideal place for a very special vacation, in a crystal-clear lagoon staying in cabins with all kinds of comforts.

Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia, and it is not a very crowded destination, in large part because of how small the island is and because not all economies can afford it. There is a main island and then there are different 'motus' or small islets that do not have mountainous formations, usually only a little vegetation. It is not only a sun and beach destination, but also a place to discover a very special ancient culture.

Brief history of Bora Bora

In principle, each island in Polynesia was governed by a local chieftain independently. Around 1700 the English took control of most of the territory, which lasted until the XNUMXth century, when the French displaced the English and gained control, becoming the Current French Polynesia. Today, although there have been some movements in favor of independence, the political laws make it clear that France will not give up these overseas territories.

Important information for traveling

Bora Bora airport

Bora Bora is located northwest of Tahiti, and south of Hawaii, and is formed by an extinct volcano that is no longer active. It is surrounded by a lagoon separated from the sea by a coral reef, which makes it a very serene and ideal place to disconnect.

To get to the island it is necessary go through the Tahiti airport, using the service of the Air Tahiti company. In about 50 minutes you can reach Motu Mate airport, in the northeast. This small islet or motu is located 30 minutes from Vaitape, which is the main town of Bora Bora. From the airport you have to take a ferry to get to the different destinations, and the ideal is to previously agree on the transfer with the hotel. There is no public transport on the island, so you have to rent a car, go on jeep safaris or get around by bicycle or horseback, as well as boats that go from one motu to another. Another way to get there from Tahiti is by using cruise boats, although they are not highly recommended because they are slow and also have few amenities.

The documentation to be bring is the passport if we are going to be less than three months, and the visa if the stay is longer. The currency is the French Pacific franc, and about 120 francs is equal to one euro. It is best to change the currency on the island, in the same hotels, in ATMs or in banks, and in some places they even accept euros.

Bora Bora

The climate offers 25 to 30 degrees all year, but the best time is from May to October, since there are months when there are strong winds. The months of May, June, September and October are the best for the combination of time and arrangement of the accommodation.

What to see and do in Bora Bora

Lagoon in Bora Bora

During the first days, the best thing to do is rest, enjoying the beautiful cabins on the water and the crystal clear lagoon. When we have recovered from the trip, we can start enjoying the activities. Tour the lagoon by canoe, in fun glass bottom boats, seeing the bottom so clear, snorkeling, swimming or diving is a great alternative. The island is small, with about 30 square kilometers, with the large interior lagoon, surrounded by motus, one of the most beautiful is the Motu Tapu, and you can also visit the nearby islands of Tahaa or Raia Tea in these boats.

Marine life in Bora Bora

One of the excursions that diving enthusiasts should not miss is the visit to the coral reef. In it you can see a lot of underwater life, doing water sports. You can also enjoy a sunset from a katamaran.

If you want to see the marine animals of the environment, you can go to the Lagoonarium marine park, on a private island. There they can be seen and it is also possible to swim with animals such as exotic fish, dolphins, rays or turtles. In Le Meridien you have another marine park with more than a hundred species of sea turtles if you want to know this animal in depth.

Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora

A excursion to mount Otemanu is another essential. It is formed by an ancient dormant volcano, and you can enjoy the landscape like never before. There are also 4 × 4 excursions along the slopes of the mountain, you can go climbing, or go on an excursion to see the remains of the Second World War.


This trip will also be an opportunity for enjoy an exotic gastronomy. Try jams made with exotic and fresh fruits, or try seafood dishes. Cuisine is offered that is a mix of French and international dishes in addition to Tahitian specialties. Uru is a typical Polynesian vegetable, and you can also try yam, a root vegetable. As for drinks, there are delicious cocktails such as Banana Coralia, with fresh bananas, lemon juice, strawberry syrup and coconut.

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