Burj Khalifa, pointing to the sky

I always say that human beings like to be as close to heaven, and to build structures like the Burj Khalifa it continues to prove it. Have Meters 828! It is a construction that impresses and there is no traveler who arrives or passes through Dubai who does not feel overwhelmed by that accusing finger that tries to dig itself into the clouds.

This building is in Dubai, and since its construction ten years ago, it is the tallest building in the world. Let's learn a little more about it in our article today: characteristics, construction, design, observatories ...

Dubai and its skyscrapers

The truth is that either from the sky or from the desert, when you approach Dubai what immediately catches your eye is the aridity and how skyscrapers emerge from that golden aridity. It is almost a mirage, but when you arrive in the city you realize that they are very solid.

Dubai's skyscrapers symbolize development, the growth and progress of this land that not a century ago was still tribal. Amen to the tallest building in the world, our Burj Khalifa, has the highest hotel in the world, the JW Marriot Marquis with 355 meters and the tallest residential tower in the worldndo, Princess Tower, with 413 meters. I die for a floor there, yes gentlemen.

But the Arabs do not sit still with their petrodollars and before the end of this second decade of the XNUMXst century they plan to have the tallest structure in the world, for now named The Tower, over the port and still taller than the Burj Khalifa with a hotel. , observation decks and restaurants.

Anyway, the truth is that Dubai It has many buildings that exceed 150 meters in height and thus ranks third behind Hong Kong and New York. Regarding buildings of more than 300 meters is number one, 18 already exist and 10 are under construction, so in this sense it surpasses Manhattan, Hong Kong and Chicago. The city's population is expected to grow exponentially so most of these towers are residential, just over half in fact, while next are buildings that combine residences with offices.

In my opinion, one of the wonderful things about this high skyline of Dubai is that the buildings, many of them, have distinctive touches of the culture that cobiha in the design or external decorations, and that makes them unique, their own, local.

These achievements are signed by great architects and engineers, and a good way to appreciate human ingenuity is to take a taxi down Sheikh Zayed Street, past Business Bay, and into the marina.

Burj Khalifa

Here is The tallest building in the world. It was ranked number six on the list of the world's most popular tourist destinations in 2018, according to a list published by Uber. This list is made according to the destinations most requested to the drivers of this application.

What other records beat our beautiful creature? Well, in addition to being the tallest building in the world, It is the tallest standing structure, has the largest number of floors and occupied floors in the world, the highest outdoor observation deck as well and the elevator that makes the longest journey in the world.

The construction of such a building began in 2004 and the exterior it was complete by 2009. The skeleton is made of reinforced concrete. It was designed by the architect Adrian Smith, from the firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the same as the One World Trade Center. The design is of Islamic inspiration and schematically the process was as follows: excavation, placement of pillars, construction of the superstructure and floor-by-floor elevation to reach the 100th floor in June 2007 and the 160th floor in April 2008.

From the 8th floor to the 38th and 39th floors the Armani Hotel Dubai, but from 9 to 16 there are only luxury residences and the so-called Armani Residences with only two bedrooms. From the 45th to the 108th floor there are super luxury private residences and the Corporate Suites work on the rest of the floors, except on the 122nd floor, which once again have private residences. The public observatory is on the 124th floor.


The tower is divided into sections that have exclusive lobbies on floors 43, 76 and 123 with luxury facilities and services on floors 43 and 76. The Sky Lobbies on floors 43 and 76 have swimming pools and recreation rooms that can be used by who live here. There are two pools open to the outside so you start stroking inside and you get outside ...

The internal decoration was also in charge of the same architectural firm and was monitored by the world-renowned designer Nada Andric. It has steel, glass, polished black stones, travertine marble floors, Venetian stucco on the walls and much more, combining the local with the world in more than a thousand pieces of art.

How to stay here is quite expensive let's talk about what any mortal can do what it is visit the observation deck located 555 meters high, on the 148th floor. Here you can sign up for a custom tour in the hands of the Guest Ambassador and enjoy the terrace and a soft drink in the SKY Lounge before descending to floors 125 and 124. How much does this tour cost?

The tour called At the Top Sky It is priced from AED 370 and the same adding Dubai Fountain Boardwalk from AED 380. At the Top, Burj Khalifa You have two options, the 124th floor or the 125th floor. In the first there are two-story elevators that go up 10 meters per second, there are great telescopes and there is the outside terrace. In the second you are at 456 meters on a wider platform decorated in the Arabic style and with 360º views.

In addition, you can enjoy the A Falcon's Eye that allows you to fly over the city, take advantage of a chroma green screen that allows you to put together great photos, enjoy a virtual experience in the heights and even, really, you step on a glass floor ... that pretends to break. What madness!

But is there any promotion? Well, you can complement the At the Top experience with Mission 828 VR, the virtual reality experience that takes you to the top of the building itself and follows with a parachute jump. Price? from 174 AED. And there is also another promotion called Front of House that takes a tour of the Dubai Opera House, from 80 AED.

For the rest, the photographs in the article better speak, which do nothing but amaze us.

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