Cala Llombards in Mallorca

Cala Llombard

La Cala Llombards beach is located in Mallorca, in the southeast area, just a few kilometers from Santanyí and within this municipality. If we can see something in Mallorca, it is precisely the large number of coves it has, which are usually small but charming. Taking tours of the best coves is a must when we visit this island.

Here at the island of Mallorca we have many things to do but one of the most popular without a doubt consists of visiting its best beaches and coves, which have a unique Mediterranean charm. These spaces, like Cala Llombards, have turquoise waters and offer us little paradises in which to spend the day.

What you should know about Cala Llombard

Cala Llombard

In Mallorca there is a lots of beautiful coves that are worth visiting and Cala Llombard is one of them. This cove has certain characteristics. It offers an easy parking area and close to the sandy area. That is why it is a cove that many families choose to enjoy a sunny day. Parking is free and ample, although there is no public transport to get to the cove, so we will have to rent a car if we are sightseeing and want to see it. It has a fairly high occupancy during the summer, so if we want to get a good place we will have to go early. This cove also has an area quite protected by rocks, which makes its waters extremely calm, another characteristic for which it is ideal for families with small children.

As for the services that we can find in this cove, they are varied. It is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds for higher comfort. However, it is not a beach where they have put too many services, avoiding building other structures since it is a beautiful natural area. You can see some fishermen's houses and there is a small beach bar where you can buy some things. But there are no services for water sports, although it is still a small beach for this type of thing.

What to enjoy in Cala Llombard

This small cove is a very popular place for tourists so we know that there will be quite a lot of people. However, it is a beach not very wide that stretches back, towards the area of ​​the pine forest where we can find shade. It is a perfect cove to spend the day because it has shady areas thanks to the pine forest, where we can have a fun picnic. In addition, it is surrounded by rocky areas from which some brave people decide to jump into the water. This idea is only suitable for the most daring but it is very fun and we will see people doing this all year long. On the other hand, it is a shallow cove in which there are crystal clear turquoise waters, as in other coves in Mallorca, which will allow us to practice sports such as snorkeling.

What to see near Cala Llombard

If we are going to spend the day in this cove we will also have to see the surroundings. If we spend several days in the south of Mallorca we can see some interesting things. From towns to other coves that we like to spend a good day at the beach.



This little town it is located just 10 kilometers from Cala Llombard, making it a good place to stay. This town has a beautiful old town with a fortified wall and an access called Porta Murdada. During Saturdays there is a great market where you can buy all kinds of things. In the town there are also excellent restaurants to try the delicious gastronomy.

Mondragó natural park

Mondragó Natural Park

Another important visit in the area consists of seeing the Mondragó Natural Park. This protected natural area offers itineraries to see the flora and fauna of the surroundings. In this area there is also one of the most important coves in all of Mallorca, Cala Mondragó. This cove is wide and offers crystal clear waters. If we want to carry out any activity, we can enjoy itineraries such as the Punta de Ses Gavotes or the Mirador de Ses Fonts de N'alis. These trails are ideal for families and can be done on foot or by bicycle. It is a beautiful natural area in Mallorca very close to this Cala Llombards.

Nearby coves

Cala des Moro

One of the The most well-known coves in addition to those already mentioned is Cala d'es Moro, which is reached by walking along a small path from the parking lot. It is a natural gem among rocks. Another of the coves that can be enjoyed is Cala S'Almonia, an area with cliffs, shadows thanks to an area of ​​pine trees and clear waters. It is also a great beach where few tourists go so it is worth seeing.

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