Camperized van, a great idea to travel

Camperized van

Those people who they enjoy traveling from one place to another they always have new ideas for trips and places to visit. Without a doubt, there are many ways of traveling, of which the plane is usually the most common if we go to a distant place. But if we want to move around nearby areas or take a trip in which we enjoy every kilometer, then we will have to get hold of a vehicle with which to move.

A campervan can be a great idea when traveling, either alone, as a couple, with friends or family. Undoubtedly the most popular are caravans, but for those who cannot afford one, they can always buy a camper van, which has many advantages.

Why buy a camperized van

Large van

Camper vans are a very versatile idea for those who enjoy camping and weekend getaways. They're also a great idea for touring music festivals during the summer without giving up great amenities. Without a doubt, it is a vehicle that offers good features and services for a more affordable price than that of a caravan.

Another advantage that these vans offer us is that they can be adapt to the needs of each person. In many cases they are assembled with the extras that are desired, and there are different sizes, to choose from the most basic to those with a bathroom or kitchen and a raised ceiling.

Van Features

Camper van

The first thing we should know is what we mean if we are talking about a camper van. These types of vans are not just vans with seats or with a cargo area in the rear. These types of vans are prepared to make motorhomes, but their size makes them much more manageable. These types of vans become mobile homes and, depending on their characteristics, they can house a dining area, cooking area and sleeping space.

As vans are much more limited in space than motorhomes, in the vast majority of cases the ingenuity of the manufacturers is used. The beds are placed and hidden to make way for an area where you can sit down to eat during the day. But in these vans different services can be installed, of course, depending on the size.

Van amenities

Interior of camperized van

Different things can be added to these vans, but we always have to take the size into account. In the smaller camper vans what is usually installed is a drop-down table, storage area to carry things and space to remove the seats and sleep on them. If the vans are medium in size, it is possible to add other comforts, such as a small kitchen installation, table and chairs for eating and storage areas. In larger vans you can go a little further and install a practical bathroom in a small space.

The amenities of the van can be very varied but the vast majority of them have the possibility of being able to remove or store the table and the seating area so that a surface can be created on which to sleep. The larger the size, the greater the space throughout and also at the top. In the larger vans you can enjoy even from soaring ceilings, which allow standing in the back, which makes us feel as if we were in a caravan. In short, if we choose the largest options and with more services, we will have the same things as in a motorhome.

Advantages of the van

Camperized van

Without a doubt, the campervan is a great option for families who like to go out on weekends to explore the world. This type of vans are ideal for road trips, stopping wherever we want. As it is not a motorhome, it can be parked almost anywhere. In addition, it offers us greater ease of maneuvering. The vans are very practical and we also have many models to choose from with different sizes and various services. In this way, when choosing a van we will be choosing a vehicle that really suits our needs. For example, if we only use it for camping on weekends, a small or medium size is more than enough.

Possible downsides

These camper vans have a lot of advantages, but they can also have disadvantages. One of them is that the space is much smaller than that of a motorhome. If it is a large family, a campervan may not be enough. In this case we must first check if the services and the size of the van will really suit our needs. In the case of some vans we will not have a bathroom or kitchen and this is not comfortable on long trips.

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