Cap Ferret

Cap Ferret

One of the natural wonders of the western coast of France is Cap Ferret. It is an imposing cape located south of the lege peninsula that goes out to the Atlantic Ocean in the area called silver coast and that separates this sea from the no less beautiful arcachon bay.

Until the XNUMXth century it was, above all, a transit area for fishing boats, which took refuge in the bay from strong winds. These began already then to settle creating small towns. However, the boost he received thanks to the oyster farming It increased its population. And above all, Cap Ferret became famous with the arrival of the already in the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Where is Cap Ferret

Mirador Beach

Mirador Beach in Cap Ferret

We have already told you where this terrestrial prominence is located. However, we want to specify it more. Belongs to Gironde department, whose capital is Bordeaux and which, in turn, is in the historic region of the Landes of Gascony. Also, within this, it belongs to the cultural area called Land of Buch, characterized by the use of the Gascon language.

But the most exact reference to the location of Cap Ferret is that it is closing the north of the arcachon bay. This offers you other natural wonders, in addition to the cape at hand. Later we will talk about them, but now we are going to do it, specifically, about the towns that are located in it.

Villages of Cap Ferret

The Canon

Le Canon, one of the typical villages of the area

One of the main monuments of the cape is his lighthouse, which dominates the entire bay with its fifty-three meters high. You can go up to its terrace, but you will have to overcome more than two hundred and fifty steps. In exchange, you will get wonderful views of the Costa de la Plata, with the Island of the Birds, oyster beds or the Conche du Mimbeau. The latter is a strip of sand that runs through the entire eastern part of the peninsula.

But, as we told you before, the area has been populated since the XNUMXth century, first by fishermen and later by oyster farmers and tourists. With all this, towns like Le Canon, L'Herbe, Grand-Piquey or Piraillan, which are each more beautiful.

They are small villages with narrow streets framed by wooden cabins that are painted in bright colors and adorned with potted plants. In many of these houses, they will even welcome you happily and invite you to try the oysters from the area. In short, these are places that overflow authenticity.



Deganne castle, current Arcachon casino

But the most important town is Arcachon, with about twelve thousand inhabitants. However, despite its small size, it has numerous monuments that we advise you to visit. Among the religious, the Notre Dame basilica, built in the mid-XNUMXth century on the remains of a previous chapel. It is in the neo-Gothic style and stands out for its slender bell tower.

Along with it, you should visit in the town the Saint Louis des Abatilles, Saint Ferdinand d'Arcachon and Notre-Dame-des-Passes churches. The religious heritage is completed by the chapels of the Sailors and of Saint Joan of Arc, as well as the Protestant church and the synagogue. But perhaps its civil monuments are even more important.

Many of them respond to the needs of the first tourist surge who came to the area. It is the case of several hotels built with spectacular taste and luxury. Prominent among these are Villa Teresa and Great HotelBoth from the second half of the XNUMXth century. The first is found in the call winter village, an area of ​​ten hectares that makes up the most exclusive neighborhood in the town. They are palaces and chalets built, precisely, in the mid-XNUMXth century that compete in beauty.

But those who vacationed in the town also had to have fun, so spectacular casinos were built like the Moorish, now disappeared, and the spectacular deganne castle, which houses the current gaming center. On the other hand, the Monument to the dead was made by the sculptor andrea máspoli after the First World War. And the Santa Cecilia Observatory It is a twenty-five meter high viewpoint, the work of Paul Regnauld, but in whose construction he participated Gustave Eiffel.

Finally, Arcachon has beautiful natural spaces. For example, him Mauresque Park, where the missing casino was located. It is a magnificent four-hectare lung that houses an impressive botanical ensemble. To give you an idea, it has about six hundred rose bushes. But this leads us to talk about the nature of Cap Ferret.

a lush nature

Dune of Pilat

Aerial view of the impressive Dune of Pilat

However, if everything we have shown you is beautiful, the nature of Cap Ferret is even more so. This is due to places like the aforementioned Ibird island, a jewel of three square kilometers in the Arcachon Bay. In it, you can see the famous wading cabins, which receive this name because they rise from the water on columns and also as an allusion to the typical stilts used by the shepherds of the area.

But even more spectacular is the Pilat dune, a gigantic sandbank that rises above the coast. The figures that we are going to give you will make you understand its colossal size. The form sixty million cubic meters of sand and measures more than one hundred meters in height, as well as two and a half kilometers in length. In fact, it is the highest Europe. As if all this were not enough, from its top you have impressive views of the coast.

Although it has others, we end our tour of the natural wonders of Cap Ferret with the bank of Arguin. In this case, it is also a sandy area, but in the middle of the sea. It is classified as a nature reserve for being a refuge for seabirds and for its enormous ecological value. Its size does not detract from Pilat's. This island is four kilometers long by two wide. However, it is constantly changing due to the effect of sea currents and wind. In any case, if you get close to it, you will feel in full contact with nature. You can do it freely, only a small part is reserved, but you will not be able to camp.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the wonders that it offers you Cap Ferret. This magical place silver coast It is one of the most unique of all France for its wonderful nature and its tourist attractions. Dare to meet him.

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